Panun Kashmir on Naroda Patia case verdict

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Panun Kashmir on Naroda Patia case verdict
Jammu India, September 8, 2012
anun Kashmir has felt its faith in the judicial system of India more deep rooted after seeing the Naroda Patia case verdict on August 29, 2012 by a designated special court in Ahmedabad in the Gujarat communal violence of 2002 following burning alive of 60 innocent Hindu pilgrims at Godhra.

Dr. Agnishekhar, Convenor of Panun Kashmir while talking to media persons today said that the same yardstick of dispensation of justice needs to be applied in the massacres of innocent Kashmiri Pandits, men, women and infant children in Kashmir valley at the hands of fundamentalist Jihadi people right from 1989-90 till date. Dr. Agnishekhar said that Kashmiri Pandits are the victims of the worst pogrom hatched by Jihadies, radical fundamentalist and also partisan state leadership in tandem, in which case, not only has the entire community been hounded out but systematic well planned killings also executed, without even any one handed out any stringent punishment.

He reminded that Naroda Patia case was ordered to be re-probed by a Supreme Court appointed special investigating team (SIT) following petitions by Human Rights Organizations in Gujarat to the Hon’ble apex court. Ten years after the condemnable Naroda Patia incident, the identified victims finally got justice. Dr. Agnishekhar questioned the Central and successive state governments as to why the much longed for judicial alacrity in heart rending cold blooded murders of innocent Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir, has not taken place so far in respect, at least of the following massacres at :-
  • Gool, Gulabgarh (7 killed in June 1997),
  • Sangrampura – Budgam (7 killed in March 1997),
  • Wandhama Ganderbal (23 killed including 4 children, 9 women and 10 males which comprised 6 burnt alive including 2 women and two infants plus torching two KP houses and a revered temple in Jan 1998 on the auspicious festival of Shab-e-Qadar) followed again by well planned massacre by 11 marauders at
  • Nadimarg, Shopian – Pulwama (24 killed including 11 women, 2 children including 20 critically wounded).

So far nothing of the sort has been done in the matter to bring any of the perpetrators of the grotesque killings of hapless Pandits to book, the status of the police probes and investigations, if any, not made known, lamented Dr. Agnishekhar. The silence mode as attributed by varied opinionates in respect of the present PM regarding non resolution of the burning issues of reversal of the causes of exodus and genocide of KPs has been true of all PMs in matters of Kashmiri Pandits. Dr. Agnishekhar pooh poohed the claims of fair play in matters of equality before law as the killers of Kashmiri Pandits are roaming free as “respectable” citizens. He cited the case of Farooq Dar alias Bita Karate who is on record having given a 10.15 minutes statement on TV Channels that starting from one Satish Kumar Tickoo (whom he knew very closely) he has gunned down 20 Kashmiri Pandits with his pistol. He bemoans having not kept a further count meaning thereby his brazen indulgence in a spree of killings. When asked about the type of weapon he usually used, he told about the pistol, handling of which required good muscle power. A suo -mottocognizance of this spine chilling crime has not been taken by the concerned authorities so far. Dr. Agnishekhar questioned the powers that be, as to whether killing of minority community Kashmiri Pandit is not at par with the killing of a minority Muslim of Gujarat? Are constitutional, democratic institutional and structural guarantees not granted to Pandits and their killings constitute no offence? About select killings numbering 1273 Kashmiri Pandits coupled with abduction, tormenting, sawing alive and killing of number of KP women is a blot on humanity and indicative of the modes of administrative functional paralysis.

Dr. Agnishekhar spilled the beans of the covert policy of the central leadership of patronizing the separatist elements and discouraging nationalist forces making so called secularism subservient to Islamization and the concept of Nizam-e-Mustafa in Kashmir or else how come not a single perpetrator of the pogrom against Kashmiri Pandits has been punished so far. Dr. Agnishekhar reminded that the moderate refined mask worn by Yaseen Malik, the terrorist of yesteryears, who himself has acknowledged having gunned down four personnel of Air Force in Srinagar Kashmir in 1987, is an open mock of our law, order and dispensation of justice. It may be noted with a heavy heart that within a few hours of the Wandhama carnage of Kashmiri Hindus, the then Governor Gen. K. V. Krishna Rao did not cancel “At Home” function in Raj Bhawan on Jan 26, 1998 and only two days after, the then CM Farooq Abdullah accompanied by yet another “on silent mode” PM I. K. Gujral to Gulmarg for indulgence in winter sports extravaganza. No Human rights organization’s conscience stirred on seeing a 9 year old KP child with 18 bullets pumped into his angelic tender body at Wandhama, wondered Dr. Agnishekhar. Panun Kashmir holds state and central government responsible for being mute spectators while KP victims are loudly crying for justice while perpetrators’ actions seem to be justified but how long?

The PK Convener was flanked by Prof M K Raina, Chairman Political Affairs, Shiban Khaibri, Chairman Media Committee & Sanjay Dhatattreya, National Coordinator, Panun Kashmir.