Kashmir visit a mirage?

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Kashmir visit a mirage?

Prof. Bhim Singh
NPP Chief, Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi has raised several questions seeking Rahul Gandhi’s prompt reply.

am taking this liberty to writing you this letter relating to the high profile media reports on your visit to Kashmir with the Birlas and Tatas with an agenda, as you put it, to involve the Kashmiri youth in the national mainstream. Bravo, it is a happy note that you have chosen to integrate Kashmiri youth with the mainstream. People noticed that your companions and co-photo sharers were only Tatas, Birlas and so many other parasites in the industry who have been exploiting the wretched of the earth in this country for nearly six decades. Mahatma Gandhi was dependent on Birlas financially yet he never carried Birlas in his freedom campaign. How much impression the people and particularly the men who matter has gathered, it remains to be seen.

1. As a citizen of this country and resident of J&K I wondered if you have tried to work out or understand the hidden facts relating to the history of J&K. I started my campaign to integrate my people with the Union of India in 1963 when I confronted Shri Jawaharlal Nehru at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi asking him why the students of J&K were not invited to the 10th Youth Festival at Talkatora Garden. Then was my first interaction with great Indira ji. Since then I have been knocking the doors of every leader in Delhi to work out a scientific proposition to integrate the State of J&K with the rest of the country. The integration means that the people of three regions have to be integrated. Over eight years I suffered illegal detentions and imprisonments. Even as elected representative nobody responded in Delhi in spite of the fact that all the Prime Ministers from Shastri ji till Dr. Manmohan Singh ji were (are) available to me on my phone call. It was highly gracious of them to hear my entreats whenever I dared talking to them. No consequences!

2. I resigned my Assembly seat as Congress MLA in 1982 and established what you noticed, Panthers Party to continue my battle for justice and equity for the youth and the students in particular in J&K. This battle is continue.

3. As a citizen of India, though, you and your Parliament, do not accept me as such, I would like to ask you if you knew;

a). That J&K is integral part of India? Why J&K has an independent Constitution? The fundamental rights which are available to every citizen of India in the Indian Constitution are not available in the Constitution of J&K. Why?

b). There is no trace or existence of the so-called Delhi Agreement. This so-called agreement whose trumpets are beaten by your lifelong friend, Omar Abdullah, his father and his party was never signed. This was a wish of Nehru ji’s friend, Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, that there shall be no fundamental rights, right to life, property etc. in J&K. Do you support it?

c). The Parliament of India which has 10 Members from J&K has no power to legislate on any matter vis-à-vis J&K.

d). Do you know that Maharaja of J&K had expressly signed agreement called Instrument of Accession to empower Parliament to make laws in respect of defence, foreign affairs, communication, currency etc. Why Parliament have denied this right to the people of J&K? This is Kashmiri domination of which you have been a part and parcel as you declared publicly that you are a Kashmiri.

e). That J&K has no national flag, it is only a State Flag, no fundamental rights and no human dignity.

f). J&K has four strong regions in it, Gilgit-Baltistan (POK at present), Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh. You have identified yourself as a Kashmiri and rightly so. Who shall represent the voice of other regions which are facing most difficult situation and problems, most of them created by the authoritarian ‘Kashmiri’ rulers with whom you claim that you have lifelong friendship? What is the message you intended to convey? You have to choose Omar or J&K.

g). What is the message you have for the youth of Jammu Pradesh, Ladakh and Gilgit-Baltistan as a Kashmiri leader and intimate friend of the present Kashmiri ruler.

h). Your message to 33,000 members of panchayats has shocked the conscience of every villager who thought that you shall stand by them to fulfill their democratic urges to have elected District Chairmen. Your support to your friend, Omar Abdullah that 73rd Amendment shall not be implemented or enforced in J&K to make panchayats democratic institution has shocked the people of the state and pleased none including your Youth Congress and Congress workers.

i). Do you know that Jammu province has migrants (Talwara Migrants etc.), refugees from Pakistan? Have you any Tatas or Birlas to rescue them from the wrath of the government of your lifelong friend, Omar Abdullah. Any idea you have about the refugees of 1947, 1965, 1971 (residing in Jammu Pradesh) from Pakistan or POK or the migrants of 1999? Can you find some Tatas, Birlas, Singhanias or Ambanies to save them from starvation and death being caused by the authoritarian rulers, you have identified as your friends?

j). Surprising not a single Congress leader of J&K was seen with you or beside you during your super interaction. Naturally your mission, it appears was to ‘promote’ corporate leadership and not your party?

This letter is being sent to you with only intension that you as a growing young man should know the facts and cause of sufferings of the people you visit, may it be Assam, Gujarat or Kashmir. The flood of praises showered by the sycophants does not wash the footprints of the history. The socialist democracy in India shall not be built by the multinationals or the business houses. They can be instruments in the process alone. The country needs leadership and leadership needs knowledge, courage, wisdom and tolerance to lead the nation towards progress and glory.

J&K needs a different medicine which is not available with the Birlas or Tatas nor with your lifelong friend. Remedy lies somewhere else.

With love and regards,
Yours sincerely,
Bhim Singh

*The Author is Chairman of J&K National Panthers Party with an experience in the State affairs for the past 50 years
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