The Spirit Of Shivaratri

The Spirit Of Shivaratri
With what sweep of power and magic does the spirit of Shivaratri

Descend on us every year on the 13th day of Phagun.

Shiva and Parvati come to our homes from Himalayas to get married,

To remove our ignorance and usher in knowledge -

A purification of soul that elevates us into God’s realm.

Shiva the Nealakantha represents the dark energy of mind,

Retooled into an incandescent universal force,

Shattering rituals and social barriers,

And transforming us into the ultimate liberation.

Shiva and Parvati’s message is that human mind is all.

Though celebrated outside a human being,

Shivratri is actually a celebration of his inner being.

*Maharaj Kaul was born in Kashmir, India. He studied engineering in Banaras University and Polytechnic Institute Of New York. He has worked for Wyeth (now Pfizer) and other companies. From his childhood he has been interested in the origins and philosophy of science, religion, and art. He has taken a special interest in studying the effects of the age of technology, we are living in now, on religion, culture, and personality of the mankind. This is a subject that recurs frequently in his articles, books, and poems.

He has written five books: (1) Meditation On Time (poetry); (2) Destruction And Injustice: The Tribulations Of Kashmiri Pandits: (3) Life With Father; (4) Inclinations And Reality: The Search For The Absolute; (5) The Light Through The Woods (poetry).Some of his literary work can be viewed at