Am I asking for too much?

Am I asking for too much?

by *Priti Razdan
Am I asking for too much?

You required me to hold your little finger to help you walk,

Now I need your broad shoulders to take small unsteady strides,

I am a crooked tree trunk waiting for the wind to uproot me.

You expected me to teach you to speak and comprehend,

Now I anticipate that you will be able to percieve my lonliness,

I am a vulnerable animal lost from its own herd in the deep Jungles.

You pestered me to dress you according to your whims and fancies,

Now I wish to bother you to help me buy some warm clothes to protect me,

I am a red autumn leaf which is waiting to fall any moment.

You desired me to feed you as per your taste and choice,

Now I need your reassurance when I swallow my food with difficulty,

I am a dried flower with no nectar to offer to the Honey bees.

You hated to see me go anywhere without you even for a second,

Today it is ages since I have had a glimpse of your face,

I am a beach trying to hold the sea waves in my arms in vain.

You may not need me now any longer but I bear you inside me forever,

First in my womb for nine months and now in my bosom till my last breath,

I am a frail aged bird whose little birdie has long flown out of her nest.

*Priti Razdan is a Software Engineer by Profession working in New Delhi, India. Writing Poems is her favourite hobby. She loves writing Poems with comparisions drawn from nature.
She believes that the world today has become a global village, bright youngsters have crossed national boundaries and gained success. But somebody back home is eagerly waiting for their return. Her Poem "Am I asking for too much" is a tribute to "Mothers" who leave no stone unturned for a child's comfort.
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You have captured the heart of every mother so well mother natures cradles us through our ages,,,, so does our mother cradle us thru our stages.... the value of a mother no words can describe... & when its her tiem to be held.... is it really too much to ask??? Thank you Priti.
Added By Ashika Singh
You are truly blessed and so is your mother. Mothres are our universe and we evolve and revlove around them.
Added By Ashish Kakroo