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Smt. Moheni Kaul Ghasi
The death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her.

An epitome of love, service, strength, and humility, our mother Smt. Moheni Kaul Ghasi
w/o Lt. Manmohan Nath Kaul Ghasi, left for her heavenly abode on 14-04-2013 at her
residence in Delhi.

She lived her whole life in service and upbringing of us all with great affection, dedication and discipline. We are all indebted to her and will remain so forever.


She is survived by her three daughters,
Ranjana Fotedar w/o Lt. Ajay Kumar Fotedar, children Shipra Labroo and Shruti.
Rita Jailkhani (Ghasi) w/o Mr. Sunil Jailkhani, children Himanshu and Himani.
Renu Kaul (Ghasi) w/o Mr. Ashok Kaul, children Namo and Om.

Maajee, we miss you and promise to uphold everything that you have taught us.

To offer condolences, you may reach:
Rita Jailkhani (Ghasi):
91-9818452777 (India)
C. K. Kaul: 1244075397 (India)
Renu Kaul (Ghasi): 9784701135 (Andover, MA, U.S.A)

"Let us locate the temple of God within ourselves: I am sacred. I am not to be defiled. I am holy. I would never defile the sanctity of another."

Smt. Moheni Kaul Ghasi

10th day on Tuesday the 23rd of April.

In grief, smast parivar of:

Ghasis, Magazines, Dhars, Dr. Shaykhers,
Gurtus, Fotedars, Jailkhanis and Kauls

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May God rest her soul in peace. She was a pious, noble and extremely superb human being.
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