Mera Yaar Milade, Dildaar Milade

Rajinder Kachroo
Singing in the open, under the stars, Rajinder Kachroo's flamboyant style electrified
audiences with this popular Hindi song. "Mera Yaar Milade, Dildaar Milade"
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Singer: Rajinder Kachroo
Hindi song: Mera Yaar Milade, Dildaar Milade

Hari Niwas Palace, Jammu (October 9, 2010)
Video produced & Edited by: Deepak Ganju
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Enjoyed the singing. What an atmosphere and surroundings?
Added By Dr. Ashok Kaul
It was a real treat to listen to this fabulous song. I have never heard Rajinderji sing with such passion and emotions. Memories are still lingering in my ears.
Added By Deepak Ganju
A magical night, a magical voice...
Added By Neha Tanna
A great performance at par excellence
Added By Tej Shawl
I heard an excellent song and enjoyed it very much. It made my day even better. Thanks
Added By Pallavi Dhupelia
It is nice of you DG to bring us closer to the lost moments of the occasion...... RK is evergreen singer, i enjoyed it
Added By subhash razdan
Fabulous......otherwise had lost it to the occasion......thanks dear.
Added By subhash razdan
Thanks for uploading the iphone option too. Evergreen Rajinder ji.
Added By Rajeev Sumbly
great performance ... Rajinderjee is the best as always!!!
Added By Arti Tiku Kaul
Awesome Performance.. We believe to be be fortunate and blessed .
Added By Avinash Handoo
Thanks bhaiya for the beautiful evening. Being in face to face with Mr.Rajinder Kachroo was a dream come true. and his mind blowing performance was no doubt a freshning one after busy scedule and emotional vidai of dearest Neha.
Added By Sunanda Handoo
Loved the flute rendition around 5:27. Of course the vocals as always great!!
Added By Amit Kak
It was a great performance by one of our kashmiri music icons. Will have many more occasions to hear his music.
Added By Tej Shawl
Rajinderji took all of us to a level which was divine. This and next on Bhagwan Ramchandraji was a delight on 9th October on occasion of marriage of Neha and Kartikeya !!
Added By Bhaskar Tanna
Rajinder ji, what a treat! Great rendering with melodious composition. Keep Singing !
Added By sanjay kaul