A Budding Entrepreneur

Karan Dhar
Budding Entrepreneur from Hong Kong

Karan Dhar featured in a Hong Kong National Newspaper
Karan Dhar, a budding entrepreneur and a final year school student in Hong Kong. Started with supplying football kits to his own team and soon the hockey, tennis, squash and the medical teams were donning kits supplied by KADE!

An avid football and rugby player, he has represented HK in many national tournaments. Karan is also amongst the youngest referees in Asia to be certified by the International Rugby Board and he is frequently spotted referring in and around HK.

  • Qualified as International Rugby Board's Level One REFEREE in May 2010 - age 14
  • Been refereeing ever since at various Club and School level games for U12s and U14s as perhaps one of the youngest referees in HK
  • Qualified as IRB's Level One COACH in Aug 2012.
  • Played for WIS team during 2008-2011 and finished as HKSSF 1st runner up in 2010-2011
  • Played for HKU Sandy Bay RFC during 2007-2012 and finished as 2nd Division Champions in 2009-10 and 2011-12.
  • WIS Team HKSSF Champions - Grade C (U14s) in 2008-09
  • HKFC Team Nike Premier Cup Champions (U15s) in 2009-10
  • WIS Team HKSSF - (Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation) Champions - Grade B (U16s) in 2010-11
  • WIS Team HKSSF (Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation)1st runner up - Grade A (U18s) in 2012-2013
  • Co-coach of WIS Girls football team from 2011-2013

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Congratulations and wish you the very best in all your endeavors.God bless you!
Added By Geetanjali Dhar
Great times will come to you, for sure.
Added By Vijay Trisal
Amazing to have such a wonderful talent in our community. I wish him all success.
Added By Vivek Kaul
Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback
Added By Karan Dhar
Great to see young Kashmiris making a name for themselves. CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the good work.
Added By Kiran Kuchroo
Good to see entrepreneur in our extended family. God bless you son and good luck.
Added By Vijay Koul
All the very best for your future Karan.You make us feel proud.......Go on and be the trailblazer of our community
Added By Sushant Dhar
Karan, you make us PROUD, God bless!
Added By Arti Kaul
Congratulations to you dear Karan. Pl. keep up the spirits and never forget your roots.
Added By Rakesh Raina
CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATIONS when we show the whole world that, YES, we are the ones. GOD BLESS YOU.
Added By Ashwani Wanganeo
Congrats Karan!! You make us proud! Hope you can extend a branch or two in the US. Good luck and keep soaring!! :)
Added By Bindu Sood