Are we at the Cross Roads?

urs is a micro community and faith famous for our nonviolence, loving kindness and tolerance, but unfortunately our minority faith community has been targeted scores of times in the past, due to Muslim insurgency seven migrations we had to face. Most of the minority community people were killed, massive human rights violations committed. The communal riots and bloodshed that spread in the Kashmir valley in 1990 sponsored by the neighboring country across the border and generous help for the 'mujahedeen' in the shape of shelter by locals resulted as a mantra of hate between the two communities. The Pundits, including Kashmiri Hindus were subjected to numerous indignities and brutalities `before militants who were able to do so with the patronization of the ISI drive out the minority Hindus from their Homeland. Due to migration, our community suffered hardships in Exile, for no fault of ours. In fact, we are the original inhabitants of the valley in Kashmir, with a history of more than five thousand years dating back, now reduced to an ethnic may be recalled that Tradition of both Kashmiri Pundits and Muslims coexisted and created a unique ethnicity in which both Hindus and Muslims visited the same shrines and Saints, in the Past.

The radical Militant organizations had taken control of the society. Whenever the nose was tightened around any dreaded militant or arrested by security forces. Spontaneous hartals and protests took place in Kashmir valley. Militants and radicals tried to bring minority religion and faith under siege, this would have been easy to dismiss had the religious majority community people and their leaders intervened at that time, contrary to this the prejudice, rumors of hate and danger to their own religion were instantly propagated. Even in most parts of the valley, top religious leaders dictated terms and never allowed people to think outside the boundaries specified by them. Looking back at the last Two decades Events that followed were so ridiculous; it is difficult to believe them even now.

Every religion can be twisted into a destructive force poisoned by ideas that are antithetical to its foundation. In the light of what was happening around in the valley, it was expected that the saner voices from the Muslim community would come out in unison to reprimand all those who were involved in this wild barbaric acts, however choose to remain silent. Nobody came forward to call a spade a spade; People avoided speaking about or share any type of sympathy due to his or her sensitivity or embarrassing nature. Even political leaders and religious leaders for some unknown reasons decided not to take of their community head-on. Sadly, no religious leader could muster enough courage to take them by horns. In the reckoning of religious extremism, the reign of repression and human rights violation has largely escaped trail of any kind.

In Pakistan during the last forty years of the history, the Hindus who constituted nearly thirty percent of its population at the outset are reduced to only one percent as on today. The operative design of Muslim hardliners in Kashmir has almost been similar-the Hindus of Kashmir who formed more than ten percent of the population of Kashmir, pre- partition are almost wiped out of the Kashmir Valley by now. The armed radicals and religious hardliners inflame the hate, terror and their single game plane and message remains take care of their own race and religion, which is more important than that of the democracy, and safety of any other minority faith community.

Top Muslim religious leaders in the valley are still so powerful and Charismatic that their messages still resonate. If they mean negotiation and restoration of peace between the two community groups can be a boon to end the bigotry and violence. Democracy is the only way to make the change, not any blood shed revolution or through militancy, which lies solely under the preview of shunning down the hardline stance of past, and present, but some are adamant that they would not be willing to compromise to peace no matter how hard the situations bite them.

Now that all the seven lakh Kashmiri Hindus, which includes those who have been driven out of Kashmir in the past and some of them yearn to return to their homeland and those who were forced to leave on account of the terrorist violence in Kashmir. Most of them are now interested to settle back in the Kashmir valley (homeland) with dignity and honors, with good intensions today, no matter what it takes, determine to ride home together. They are caught between the feelings of yearning certain homesickness that at times catches at the oddest moments and heavy feeling of dread past. What if are no longer allowed to re settle or enter in valley for some reasons? What if we are again subjected to same situation of the Past?

The nation is already going through tough times and has not come to the terms with an unimaginable amount of loss of precious lives due to militancy. The State and central government claim that anti national forces are losing ground and locals peoples resistance against terrorism and separatists ,which makes minority community to think for their return to valley, but that can only be Possible with the consent of the majority locals of Kashmir valley, I believe so.

Determination is the strength that we enable them to pass the barrier of useless thoughts in order to create positive and constructive thoughts among the Majority community in Kashmir valley that can be successful to reshape the old good relation if they wish. However, at the same time our minority community (KPs) believes in patience, as patience teaches us not to push in retaliation but rather to wait and appreciate the game of non-violence in life and believe that everything will change at some point of life, knowing it well that nothing remains the same.

No doubt, presently in valley there is a mixed feeling among most of the moderates from Majority community for a middle way solution, some of them don’t want another tragedy to happen like 1990.They are of the opinion that a lot of energy and time is wasted to find the cause of something that has gone wrong in the Past. Perhaps they are thinking about the past that only wastes time & resources that could be used for find the solution. Therefore, for them it is not necessary to understand the causes but to find the they need to make the best use of available resources to correct the situation for smooth passage of resettlement of Minority community in Valley.

Being focused on the solution rather than on the problem, the moderates understand that there is a solution to any Problem, but unfortunately, the hardliners, some religious leaders and their mentors are not in favor of any such type of solution, as they need to keep the pot boiling for their own benefits. They prefer and Welcome Minority community as Tourists nothing more than this.

It is time for all the hardliners, religious leaders and their mentors to wake up from slumber. Each day is a new beginning. You can start a fresh, anticipating what today will bring. Alternatively, you can just settle for yesterday's doubts, fears, or Tragedies’. Which road will you take? Do you take the path to the clear present or the shadows of the past?

This article is not intended to be either alarmist or provocative to any Particular community, but it is hard fact, It is the truth, however uncomfortable it may be to those who prefer to be like couch potatoes,(a person whose leisure time is spent watching television) in the purported safety of their own cocoons. However, we believe that” Hope is a thing with feathers”.
Bushan Bhat Hali, Chairman Devasthan Pranandakh Samiti, Hall, Pulwama (Kashmir)
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This writeup comming from Bhushanji Hali, from Pulwama,Kashmir, is both dismal and abysmal too. His narrative is spawned with pathos and helplessness,similar to shown by the minority Hindus living in Karachi.He is attaching too much hope on the whims and fancies of the separatist leaders.Are they the least bothered about the resettlement of the displaced, is a moot question.Nevertheless, we pray for the safety and prosperity of Hali Sb. God bless him !
Added By Tej Munshi