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Sudhir Mahajan noted Actor, Director staged Agnishekhar's famous poem "JAWAHER TUNNEL"
Jammu, India, July 19, 2013
Literature got an opportunity to bask in the limelight in the summer capital as the felicitation function to honour Yogita Yadhav, this year’s Navalekhan Gyanpeeth awardee, was marked by very impressive presentation of poetry that highlighted the pain and anguish of migration.

The function organized by Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti (RBPS) in collaboration with Samooh Theatre, at the K L Saigal Hall, here today, started with Amita Mehta’s short critical paper on Yogita Yadhav’s literary contribution, especially her anthology of short stories for which she has been awarded the coveted national ward. It was followed by Aruna Sharma’s detailed paper on contemporary Hindi poets of Jammu.

Samooh Theatre’s presentation of poetry of mainly Hindi poets of Jammu and Kashmir on stage in which actors in a remarkable display gave flesh to the words of poets that especially highlighted the sufferings of migration in which many lakhs of Kashmiri pundits and others were made to leave their homes and hearths.

Especially noteworthy was Dr Sudhir Mahajan’s presentation of poems of Dr Agnishekhar, Aruna Sharma and Farooq Nazaki. He with fantastic control as well as change in tone and pace gave flesh to the words of poets and brought out the plethora of emotions and subtle human feelings from the confines of the literal form, typography and the play of black and white.

The other actors of Samooh Theatre including Ravindra Sharma and the young brigade, effectively presented the Hindi and Dogri poems of Kshma Kaul, Ramesh Mehta, Jatinder Udhampuri, Ved pal deep, Dinu Bhai Pant, Raghunath Singh Sambyal. The participating artistes were Isha Nayyer, Neha Bhogal, Sandeep, Avinash, Kartik Singh, Rajat Gupta, Ajay and Munish.

Anjali Sharma, Director, All India Radio Jammu, who presided over the function and Ashwani Sharma, MLA, the chief guest, highly appreciated the presentation. Speaking on the occasion, they also announced to extend patronage and financial help to the artistes of Samooh Theatre.

Earlier, Prof Sat Pal Srivatsya introduced the mandate of Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti. The program was conducted by Yash Pal Nirmal while Neeru Sharma, president RBPS, presented the vote of thanks.

Prominent among the audience were Prof Lalit Magotra, veteran poetess Krishna Gupta, Dr Agnishekhar, Sham Kaul, Sanjeev Bhasin, Deedar Singh, Gyaneshwar, Sudhir Mahajan, Sham Talib, K K Shakir, Makhan Lal Saraf, Sheikh Mohammad Kalyan and others.
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