Panun Kashmir pays tribute to the Kargil War martyrs

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Panun Kashmir pays tribute to the Kargil War martyrs
New Delhi, India, July 28, 2013
Youth for Panun Kashmir in association with likeminded Nationalists groups day before yesterday organized a patriotic tribute to the Kargil War martyrs at INDIA GATE , New Delhi. It was supported by Citizens For Forces & BSKS.

Hundreds of supporters gathered ay INDIA GATE & took a Walkathon pledge at Vijay Chowk . A special prayer & Vigil was carried out the PK cadre to celeberate the victory of Kargil Operation. Members of civil society participated in large numbers & many youngsters, old age men  women & Children participate with fervour. A 5 Km vigil was carried from INDIA Gate Lawns and concluded with momentum of natioanlists Hyms & Songs at Jantar Mantar.

People demanded that Martyrs of Indian Army be recognized duely & society be made aware about their role in upholding the Security & Safety of India. Demand for creation of HOMELAND for KPs as per the margdharshan echoed in the rally with frequent slogan shouting during the parade.

While releasing the Memoir Portrait of 3 great Officers from KP community, who served the nation during Kargil War namely Lt Amit Kaul, Major Sushil Aima & Commando Suraj Bhan , KP Community along with other nationalistic organisations of Delhi NCR paid floral tributes to them at the venue. Y4PK thanked its senior leadership in Jammu for providing motivation to the youngsters who serve the nation by joining Indian Defence Forces.

Col Anil Kaul from C4F , Meenakshi Lekhi BJP spokesperson & many other Ex Servicemen graced the occasion. They said that there has been a long standing demand of the country’s military’s for a National War Memorial to honour the 20,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen who have sacrificed their lives while defending independent India. A broad section of the public echoes this plea.

Ankit Gupta & Vithal Chowdhary, the firebrand youth leaders reiterated the demand is for a prominent memorial on New Delhi’s Central Vista, which can be visited freely by the Indian public, and where wreathes can be offered by national leaders on occasions like the Republic Day, and by visiting foreign dignitaries who choose to do so.

BSKS Chief Sardar Tajinder Singh Baggah who has been spearheading the MODI:FY Campaign maintained that current Government at Central & State were trying to belittle the efforts of brave Army men in kargil Operations & thereafter in Kashmir.

Youth Coordinators Himalaya Sumbly & Anoop Bhat maintained that the current memorial, the Amar Jawan Jyoti, is merely an add-on to the India Gate, an imposing 42-metre high British structure, built in 1921, to honour the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. The irony is evident: the British exalted the memory of Indians who died for the empire; but India finds it bothersome to suitably commemorate those who fell in service of the republic.

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