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Spain's massive train crash caught on camera
Spain, July 25 2013
A train derailed outside the ancient northwestern Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, killing at least 78 people and injuring up to 131 in one of Europe's worst rail disasters.
5-storey hotel in Uttarkashi washed away in seconds
Uttarkashi, India, June 17 2013
On June 17, at least 100 commercial properties and more than 50 houses were swept away by the raging waters of River Bhagirathi; the Akash Ganga hotel was among them. Seen here, the hotel falls in the river and within moments there is no trace of the structure.
Plane crashes in Afghanistan
Bagram, Afganistan, May 1 2013
The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. Seven people were killed.
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