Roaring echoed at Lahore via DC

s the whole country is gripped by the Narender Modi (NaMo) fever, 29th sept 2013 the entire Delhi also witnessed the same zeal and enthusiasm among the people of this metropolis, barring the all sections of society, at the Japanese park Rohini. Unlike the famous places like Ramlila Maidan obviously could not hold such a huge see of men and women, just to have a glimpse of this modern Pied-piper. His each word, every sentence touches the strings of common man’s emotions and their grievances. Undoubtedly, the charismatic personality of Namo is the outcome of his deep understanding of the psyche and the simple requirements of the common public along with the profound experiences of success construed in Gujarat by the application of his enlightened vision.

Today, when Namo was yet to attend the proposed rally at the said venue, the dark clouds were hovering over the sky, sinking the heart of every one present there. But with the blessings of God Indera, a slight drizzle and there was a wave of cool breeze throughout the rally, stunning everyone especially the opponents observing him behind the curtains. Is this omen suggesting that Mother Nature also wants to welcome this man from Gujarat with a true heart and soul? A glimpse of the hero of the day and a new life was breathed in the entire crowed. The rally began with many state leaders, addressing the huge crowed. While Navjoot S Siddu and Nitin Gadkeri, successfully hooked in the masses and kept them a beat with their brief speeches.

When NaMo ultimately took hold of microphone, public got alerted to listen to him and the entire atmosphere was charged with the echoes of “Vadematarum” and praises for Namo. The speech was little different from his earlier ones, with special emphasis on the economy and slamming the way of functioning of the PM and the present government. But his fans were cherishing his every word and his typical satirical remarks on the present political situation in this country. His open challenge to Pak PM Mr. Nawaz Sherif was surely a moment of pride that energized the viewers not only present there but those watching live on the TV sets. The fundamentalist forces in and outside the country should now be aware of the NaMo effect.

Today Namo stands tall among our national leaders and God willing countries next PM. But certain questions have surely arisen by the conspicuous absence of the party’s national leaders like Advani Ji, Sushma Ji, Jetli Ji and even Rajnath Ji on the dais. There may be some genuine reasons for their absence; it surely has sent some negative feelers in the opponent’s camp, giving room to number of questions there at the back stage. His Remarks over Delhi’s present CM were cherished by the crowed there; the ribbon remark make the audience hoot a lot and also he did not miss to throw the salvo of words towards his proposed opponent, which he rechristened today as “Shehzada”.

As usual, today’s speech was reflecting the Namo cult, patriotic as well as pragmatic. “To err is human”. First it was disheartening enough on his part to compare the UPA rule with the diabetic patients. He perhaps forgot that India has more than 35% of its population ailing with this disease. Such unwanted comparison might have surely hurt not only the sentiments of the effected people but also dampened their sprits. The agony of Diabetes is better known to those who are suffering from it. Secondly, the heart of every Indian goes out and out for the families of those brave hearts who have been killed recently in the terrorist attack in the Kathua district of J&K but NaMo’s speech at Japanese park sans this important issue which was not expected.

At last no matter what, NaMo is the Voice of masses and hope of the nation’s crises and future. It needs to be seen, whether the present rally will usher a new hope for Vijay Goel, the CM candidate of BJP? Or will it prove to be a turning point for the BJP’s PM candidate, Namo himself? Or will turn to be jackpot for the both? Only coming times will answer all such queries but the bottom line is that “Roses come with the Thorns”. The path ahead for Namo needs to be treated with utter caution and care as his opponents has already studded it with thorns and boulders to create obstacles for him that are waiting for the nation under the dynamic leadership of Sh. Narendra Modi, as evident from today’s show.

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