Kashur the Kashmiri Speaking People


ISBN: 9781490701677
Trafford Publishing
Publication date: November 2013
Kashur the Kashmiri Speaking People is the story of a small linguistic group of people numbering less than ten million in all. In this book, an effort has been made to study the history of this small linguistic group who originated in one of the most beautiful and the largest valley in the Himalayas; known by the name of Kasheer to the locals and Kashmir to the rest of the world.

This book deals with these dwellers of Kashmir, their origin , their moments of glory and downfall, their religious compulsions, their adjustments and travails, their social order and the changes that have taken place in their lives down the ages; their habits, customs, festivals, character, culture and migrations. During their march over a period of six millennia’s of their history these people experienced many an ups and downs. In the moments of glory they achieved eminence in every field. This book details the history of these people known for, their spiritual and religious codes that helped them to evolve new philosophies their literary genius, in every field of literature right from the days of antiquity; who have produced a huge list of literati and that list finds place in this book.

About the Author
Mohini is an ardent social worker and a creative writer, essentially a home maker born, in the year 1938, to a middle class Kashmir Pandit-Qasba- family at Pokhribal, Hariparbat, Srinagar, where her father Dr. S.N. Qasba was posted as the medical officer Prisons. After completing her education, she joined teaching profession in 1959 that she continued with till 1985.

She writes mainly about Kashmir and Kashmiris and has published articles on Kashmir and other topics of general interest in various national news papers like: Daily Telegraph Kolkatta, Tribune, Chandigarh, and in some of the reputed community journals like Vitasta, Kashur Samachar, Kashmir Sentinel and Panchtarni. She started a monthly News Letter-Panchtarni for the Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Panchkula in the year1997 and continued to be its editor till 2006. Annual numbers of this monthly publication based on thematic topics concerning the community were well contributed by reputed community scholars and poets and highly acclaimed and appreciated by the readers.

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