Aditya Prakash
Rajput victory procession
Rajputs are decedents of warrior Khastriyas of Vedic/ Paranic India. The history of Rajputs highlights the history of valor and chivalry. They considered it a divine duty (Dharma) to fight for their people, land and their culture. The emmergence of Rajput warrior clan was during the 6th or 7th centuries and they dominated the northern India during that time. The history of Rajputs is filled with sacrifices, war and blood.

History of India highlights the great chivalry of Rajputs. India had no more fierce defenders other than rajputs during mughal inavasion.Rajputs kings established many famous kingdoms in the history of India, - Mewar, Jodhpur, Bundi, Bikaner, Kota, Jaipur, Kannauj, Delhi, Rewa and many more…….in medieval india.

Rajput kings were always protectors of Hindu dharma, soldiers and people of their land. they showed high love for their horses, sword and worshiped –the sun and Moon (as they claim their ancestory….suryavanshi and chandravashi…..) Rajputs were great patrons of art and architechture. The rajput kings established many kingdoms throughout India in Medieval time.

The Sisodias established Mewar kingdom, Jodhpur and Bikaner by Rathores, BHATTIS migrated from Punjab established themselves at Jaisalmer, Bundi & Kota by Chauhans, Rewa by Baghel rajputs……..The magnificent Forts and great Palaces by rajput kings are our grand heritage and legacy .Hindu temple and forts are history of early rajput architecture.the well known forts and palaces are:

» Amber Fort (Jaipur),
» Chittorgarh Fort,
» Jaislmer Fort,
» Jodhpur Fort,
» City Palace at Jaipur,
» Umed Bhavan at Jodhpuur,
» Hawa Mahal at Jaipur,

City Palace Jaipur

The foundation of Jaipur (known as Pink city of India ) and the lake palace and Jag Mandir at Udaipur, represent excellent piece of rajput architechture. Great rajput heros like Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Rana Sanga are inspirations for generations to come….. and at the same time Mira bai (rajput princess from Mewar) has occupied a special stature due to her devotion in unparallel “Krishna-bhakti” and her poetry and music.

One feels proud and cannot forget the pious sacrifice by our Rajput women- who on the eve of battle, when all hopes of victory had gone, they united and used to burn themselves in group in a rite known as “johar” .

Royal Rajput procession

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