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Lakshmi recovers after rare surgery

Lakshmi born with four extra limbs appears in public for the first time since a gruelling operation. Lakshmi Tatma suffered from a rare birth defect known as a parasitic twin. As well as cutting off her extra limbs, doctors also removed extra internal organs and corrected a deformed skeleton. Lakshmi's parents, poor labourers from India's eastern Bihar state, first considered her as an incarnation of the Hindu goddess of the same name. Over time they realised she needed medical care.
Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri reports. Soundbite: Dr Sharan Patil

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Another Term for Pakistan President

Pakistan's Supreme Court rules President Pervez Musharraf can serve a new term in office. This comes after Musharraf ousted other judges, replacing them with loyalists and declaring emergency rule. (Nov. 22)


Bush vows active Mideast role

Nov. 28 - Bush offers assurances to Israeli and Palestinian leaders that the US would actively engage in Middle East peacemaking.Once wary of taking a hands-on role in Middle East diplomacy, Bush was now ready to inaugurate the first formal Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in seven years.
Deborah Lutterbeck reports

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Tigers need miracle to survive in India

A renowned wildlife tiger expert laments the dwindling population of wild tigers, saying government protection schemes have failed to protect them.The authorities failure to understand the needs of tigers and provide protection has caused numbers to fall from around 3,700 in 2001/2 to just 1,300 now, Valmik Thapar told Reuters ahead of the Reuters Environment Summit next week.

India has half the world's surviving tigers, but their numbers have fallen because of demand for tiger skins and bones in China where they're used in traditional medicines.

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