Reader's comments & letters to editor

Reader's comments

There was once a hoarding on Nagin Lake bridge: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". I will use the same expression for Shehjar and urge everyone to help make it a success. CONGRATULATIONS.
Ashish Pandita, India

The viewing of Shehjar was visual delight. I could not stop myself from repeatedly probing it. My daughter in Texas is now talking to us mostly in Kashmiri. Kashmirgroup did it!
Ashok Chirvi IA&AS, India
Mobiles I express my heartfelt congratulations to you all for your efforts to give life to the wonderful "Shehjar"e-magazine.This is highly educative to all young and old.The sense of one's history gives continuity to its race and culture,and enables us to understand the problems in proper perspective,and hence to arrive at proper solutions, "Maij Sharika Thavinav Varae te Karae"
Pran Raina, Austin, USA
Congratulations on launching Shehjar.
It is with great pride and sense of belongingness that I am looking at the magazine.
Geetanjali Dhar, HongKong, HK
SHEHJAR is a great and dedicated work for the KP community. It will definitely help in the resurgence of the community and inspire the future generation.
Satish Ganjoo, Phagwara, India
Click Here For The Wall Street Journal It is an absolute pleasure to see an uplifiting community initiative. I believe that most of the patrons are based in North America. I would like to take this opportunity to request inclusion of a wider community that is based in Europe, Far East, India.
As per my view at the moment nothing of this kind of e-publication is available that would act as a catalyst for further interaction and awareness among the community across the globe. I would be very pleased to see that this initiative is taken far and wide and more importantly does not fizzle out with time.
Ashish Raina, London, UK
"Shehjar" is a wonderful e-magazine.I enjoyed reading its inaugural issue. Well done and please keep it up.
Hari Kaul, Toronto, Canada
"Shehjar" gives me a nostalgic remembrance of the days when I captained the Ludhiana Kashmiri Sabha (1990 to 94) and we started publishing the Community Magazine 'Shehjar'. Its Editor was Prof V K Raina of Punjab Coupon Agriculture University (PAU). We sustained it for 6 -7 years but later on it went into oblivion, presumably becoz it suffered from pecuniary asphyxia after I moved to Chandigarh. I am sure the 'Shehjar' that you have launched will live for thousand years and more. Kindly accept my heart-felt GREETINGS on the occasion.
Sqn Ldr B L Sadhu, India
Congrates for launching magazine that is what educated comunity can do ......these r the means if not d end to comunicate in modern world u opend way to express .i extend good wishes n suport to u n ur team.
Veer Munshi, India
It is not easy to produce this quality magazine! This is the first time we see such a major effort and we are really very pleased and grateful. May our community be blessed with more competent and passionate leaders like yourselves who would lead us and make us proud to be Kashmiri Pandits!
Jeevan Zutshi, Freemont, USA
First I would like to give Kudos to Mr,Gunju and his team for this informative and intresting e-magazine.
Sunil Handoo, India
Travelocity hotels destination link Bringing out a well designed, net friendly, informative and content rich SHEHJAR magazine only goes to show your sincere interest in keeping our KP community in tact and educate and inculclate the interest in community affairs among our youth. Kindly accept my congratulations and greetings on this venture. On behalf of the entire KP community in Karnataka, I extend greetings to you and your team for this great effort.
Editor, aalav, the voice of Kashmir and, President Kashmiri Hindu Samithi,
R K Mattoo, Bangalore, India
I think this is only one of it's kind. Best of Luck
Sanjay Wali, India
This is to congratulate you and the team Shehjar on the release of inaugural issue of the Magazine. There is no doubt that this is going to be a great community resource going forward, having read the inaugural issue, I am sure that I will not be alone in building these great hopes around this e-magazine to deliver benefits to the community.
God bless this project and you all there at Shehjar.

Subhash Kaul, Canada
Congratulations on putting together a magazine of substance. I enjoyed it a lot. I can also understand the amount of time and effort that you must have put in to end up with such a classy magazine. Once again, congratulations.
Seema Kak, Cary, USA
Wonderful work in the new e-magzine…. Keep it up. Good luck with your endeavor.
Arti Kaul, Boston, USA
KLM logo What a wonderful work! Congratulations on this beautiful magazine. Refreshing articles, community events, songs, dramas etc. Wishing it a grand success.
Gayatri Sharma, Sydney, Australia
Many congratulations on your new venture. May Mata Shaarika guide you all the way.
Sunil Munshi, Nottingham, UK
What a wonderful job! I have not read everything yet but the idea itself is so great. Thanks to the team led by Deepakji in promoting the culture of KP community. In our individual capacity he knows we appreciate his love for the community and he has our blessings.
Amrit Nehru, Los Angels, USA
A great initiative and hopefully we will see many more issues in the months to come.
Soman Dhar, Chicago, USA
Accept my Congratulations on this beautiful e-magazine "Shehjar". As its name suggests it did bring 'Shehjar- a refreshing coolness' to my mind, all the articles chosen by you for the inagural issue are praiseworthy, especially the quiz.( I am waiting for the next issue so that I can know the answers). Article about Swami Ramji was very informative. Best of Luck for future issues & wish that all coming issues are as engrossing & captivating as this one.
Simi Bhat, Delhi, India
Nice website - liked it. Keep up the good work. More solidarity and pride in our heritage.
Sushma Bhan, Houston, USA
I received the mail from shehjar and was very much delighted to see the work. I would like to contribute my skills for this work.
Meenakshi Bhat Tyagi, India
I really enjoyed the issues of 'Shehjar' -- please keep it up. Choice of articles are timely and apt. Each article has flavour of its own. The entire community should be proud of this effort of yours. God bless.
Som Sapru, India
Heartiest congratulations. Shehajar is a very good magazine. I enjoyed reading several well written and timely articles. Keep up the good work
Hira Fotedar, Cleveland, USA
I would like to congratulate you for your efforts to bring such a Beautiful Magazine for the Kashmiris.
Rohan Kaul, India
Adagio Teas Congratulations for a great start. I hope it will bring the much needed real shehjar to our community. I liked the variety and depth of articles. Lot of interesting information! Photo quiz section was very interesting and I hope to see the results soon.
Ravi Raina, Delhi India
A wonderful job, right on time. "Shehjar" will be the eye opener for every community member throughtout the globe. My congratulation to you and Shehjar team. God bless you,
Paviter Handoo, Los Angels, USA
Congratulations. This is what is needed in current times. This should become a forum for positivity in our culture. Let this be the real Shehjar for the community
Avtar Raina,
Thanks for the SHEHJAR. It is truly a "Shehjar" and a wonderful effort. Well done and please keep it up.
Anil Kaul, Tulsa, USA
Wonderul work.
Monica Dar, USA
Subscribe to Sports Weekly First of all many congratulations for the wonderful magazine! I liked all the contents and believed that emotions and professionalism both are going well together
Rohit Mirakhur, Delhi, India
Commendable work, how you will bestow it the everlasting life, God bless
Girdharilal Kuchroo, New Jesey, USA
Cograt for startating this will do a lot of good to the community.wish we all unite to fight for our genuine cause.let us not forget our vauled trdaitions.
Shiban Kak Coupons Shehjar is all cooling, vibrating in the recesses of our hearts, filling the traditioal values with new thoughts. The editorial staff has done a wonderful work, by making the lay-out beautiful , as it should be.
1. Write-ups written in Kashmiri language, be included in the next issue.
2 Children should be encouraged to send their creativeart work, with emphasis on Kashmir heritage.
Chaman Lal Raina , Miami, USA
Geat achievement
Deepak Daftari Free Shipping Congratulations!!! Shehajar has really turned out to be an excellent e-magazine. I enjoyed the entire magazine and wish you and your team Good Luck & Best Wishes.
Kaveri Hak, Los Angels, USA
Congrats to u guys for bringing such a beautiful Magazine.It ll bring freshness n coolness n lot of positivity to the KP community.We Kashmiris must get together.
Rohan Sharma, India
Fisrt of let me Congratulation you for the nice work which is being done through Shehjar,it will be a platform to regain our past up to some extent.
Arun Bhat
Congratulations for a great endeavor. A graet variety, articles, poems, songs, dramas, paintings, quiz, memoriums, events etc. Keep it up and wish you a grand success.
Surender Kaul
Dan's Chocolates Compliments, I have received the inaugral issue of Shehjar. It is a great success and tremendous service to the community. Congratulations and best wishes. Hope you will continue this determination and dedication in future also. I am with you and my services at your disposal. May God bless you.
Satish Ganjoo, Phagwara, India
Congrats for the beginning.... "Shehjar" Please let me know how to get the subscription and the mode of payment.
shish Bhat, Manigam, Kashmir, India
मायि बरिथ मेछरस मन्ज़ छुशेहजार।
ति छी कशीरि हुन्ज़ अख यादगार॥

Jaya Sibu Raina, Miami, USA
Travelocity hotels destination link What a treat for the eyes. I am thrilled to see the body of work you have put together. Hopefully we will keep it as informative as this Inaugural issue for future issues. My regards to Mrs. Ganju for the Roth recipe.
Things Like about the Magazine:
- It is clean
- Colors are vibrant
- Article are easy to navigate

- Categories are very easy to view
Neelam Wali, Boston, USA
It is a great start and I wish you all the best and I hope it comes as a shehjaar to our community in general.
Kuldeep Kaul, NewJersey, USA
I am delighted to be a new member of your website. I would like to know that are you going to keep this e-magazine 'Shehjar' online available or it will be available just this time. All I want to express that I want to store and make hardcopy of all this history of our Kashmir.

If it is available on website for future also then I don't need to keep copies of it with me. Please reply to my queries. Keep up your effort and thanks a lot for everything.
Nikki Kumar, India

Great Job. very well done magazine. Good wishes
PK Tickoo, Grand Rapids, USA
This magazine is fantastic! I am so impressed. Beautifully done.
Anjali Shaykher, Washington, USA