Let us learn Hindi

  We congratulate you for learning Hindi, through English Medium. Your good response helps us to go ahead in making Hindi, a familiar language to you. 

 lesson No Four-4
पाठ संख्या चार- ४ 
Names of the Kith and Kin in Hindi:
A combination of three/ four /five  Devanagari/ Hindi letters
Father/ Pita                ----पिता
Mother/ Mata             ---- माता
Brother/ Bhai             ---- भाई
Sister/ Behn              ----- बहन
Tao / ताऊ is father's elder brother
Tai /  ताई is Tao's wife(Elder aunt)
Chacha / चाचा  is father's younger brother
Chachi /चाची   is Chacha's wife(younger-anunt) 
Mama Ji/ मामा is mother's brother

Mami Ji / मामी is Mama ji's wife
Mausi / मौसी is Mother's sister

Mausa / मौसा  is the Mausi's husband    
Buaaबुआ is Father's sister
Phoopha/ फुफा is Buaa's husband
Grand Parents
Nana /नाना is Mother's father
Nani /नानी  isMother's mother
Dada / दादा  is father's father
Dadi /दादी  is father's mither 
Beta/ बेटा  is son
Beti/बेटी is daughter
Pota/ पोता is grand-son( son's son)  
Poti/ पोती is grand-daughter(son's daughter)
Dohta/ दोहता is daughter's son
Dohti/ दोहती is daughter's daughter