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Asian American Advisory Board award for Dr. Chander Shaykher
Miami, FL (USA) May 2, 2014
On the occasion of its annual Community Recognition Dinner, Asian American Advisory Board (FAAAB) recognised the services of Asian American community members for their extraordinary services.

Dr. Chander Shaykher received the award for his community services. He is chief of Cardiology at North Shore Medica Center. He is the Founding Trustee and Chairperson of South Florida Hindu Temple. He has participated in numerous interfaith gatherings held by Ahmadia and many Christian and Islamic groups explaining the core cohesive values of Sanatan Dharma. Guest lecturer for world religions class at Lynn University at BocaRaton, Panel member for science and spirituality class at Nova University Osteopathic Medical School and a Lecture at university of Miami on Science and spirituality.

While thanking Asian American Board for the recognition Dr. Shaykher felt essential to point out that while so many divisive forces are tearing the world apart, this organization is bringing the Asian countries together so we can speak with one voice.

"Asia is the cradle of the most ancient and the greatest civilizations world has known and it is high time that rather than driving wedges we build bridges across the communities and countries, across the regions and races and across the people and places."

Asian American Advisory Board (FAAAB) was organized to support and further the mission of the Miami-Dade County Asian American Advisory Board. It is a Miami-Dade County agency, that was created by the Board of County Commissioners with the mission to serve the Asian American community of Miami-Dade County. The Board is composed of twenty six members that are appointed by the thirteen district commissioners of the county. Each district county commissioner appoints two members to the Board. The Friends of AAAB was therefore created to serve as the financial arm of the Miami-Dade County Asian American Advisory Board in furthering its mission, goals and objectives.

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