Main To Rahon me Pada Patthar Hoon

Main To Rahoon mey Padaa Patthar Hoon,
sab mujhe chodh ke chup chaap guzar jaate hain
Kisko Ahsaas mere gam meri tanhaayi ka..
Main To Rahoon mey Padaa Patthar Hoon,

I had heard this song long long time back and its 'true to life' message had fascinated me at that time immensely. However, I was unable to find or listen to this song till now. It was only recently that I stumbled on this beautiful song sung by the greatest singer of all times, the evergreen golden voice, Mohd. Rafi.

However, I could fathom the relevance of the beautiful wording of this song when I physically encountered a roadside stone (raah ka pathar) during my visit to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park two weeks back. It touched me so much that I could not resist the temptation of creating a video to bring to life the said song which is so meaningful and philosophic in content.

Please do listen to this beautiful rare song, if only to enjoy and appreciate both the lyricist and the singer.

Deepak Ganju 

Hindi Song: Main To Rahon me Pada Patthar Hoon
Singer: Muhammad Rafi
Music Director: Kamal Rajasthani

Hindi Film: Rah Pada Patthar (1979)
Video: Deepak Ganju
Location: Grand Canyon, AZ & Zion Park, UT(USA)
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