Pandits for creation of Centrally administered territory

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Pandits for creation of Centrally administered territory in Valley
Jammu, India, October 10 2014
Joint press statement of Dr. Agnishekhar Convener, Dr. Ajay Chrangoo Chairman, Sh.Radha Krishan Raina (President ASKPC) and Sh. Kundan Kashmiri (President KPC)

We all hope that the new government at the Centre will make a healthy departure from the policies pursued by the previous governments in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi with regard to internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus. The previous governments in the state and the Centre deliberately sought to reduce the unprecedented forced exodus of the entire population of Kashmir as an issue of voluntary migration. The consequent implication of this outlook was to confine the policy framework to devising some sort of an affordable economic and employment package as the only driving force for return. It is time that the new government at the Centre recognizes formally the issue of internal displacement of the entire population of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir province as an issue of religious cleansing and genocide.

We all are of the firm opinion that addressing the issue of the internal displacement of Kashmiri Hindus in any other context will not only tantamount to denial of a colossal crime against humanity but will lead to a chain of re-foulment inflicting more deprivation, destitution and destruction on the victims of religious cleansing in Kashmir.

The return of around a thousand job seeking internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus to valley has pushed them into a situation bereft of basic freedom and sustainable development. It has made them vulnerable to the proselytizing campaign of fundamentalists. Many conversions amongst these employees have already taken place which can lead to a grave situation in the near future. The return plan of the previous government has subjected the returnees to a virtual servitude of a theocratic order which has gripped Kashmir and is only intensifying with each day.

We are all feeling extremely sad that the governments in the state and the Centre in the recent past have transformed the entire relief and rehabilitation process into a political programme. This programme seeks to enforce conformity amongst the internally displaced Kashmir Hindus to toe the government line not only on the issue of internal displacement but also on various aspects of Kashmir issue. All of this eventually seems to be aimed at strengthening the separatist agenda in the state. We hope the new government at the Center understands the thrust of these machinations and immediately abandons the policy of the previous governments to create a pro separatist fifth column amongst the internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus.

We all are of the firm view that a sustainable and lasting return of Kashmiri Hindus to Kashmir will take place not through policy of allurement and bribe but by addressing the issue of reversal of their genocide. Those who inflicted the religious cleansing have to be brought to justice as the first and most crucial step in this process.

We want to state without fear and with all honesty that the Habitat of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley has been by and large destroyed through a sinister crusade of destruction and usurpation. For the return of Kashmiri Hindus there is an imperative necessity of to rebuild a habitat. To believe that there are existing original homes and hearths still intact and waiting for the return of the exilees is travesty of truth.

Kashmiri Hindus cannot live dispersed in an environment plagued by fundamentalism and controlled by terrorist regimes. Kashmiri Hindus cannot live dispersed in a political order which nourishes separatism and religious hatred. Kashmiri Hindus will not live in servitude of a de-facto religious state which is being conferred a secular legitimacy for political expediency.

All of us demand the creation a centrally administered territory in Kashmir valley where there is free flow of Indian constitution and no communally motivated constitutional clause like Article 370. The sustainable and permanent return of Kashmiri Hindus can be possible only in such a dispensation.

Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir
Dr Agnishekher, Convener Panun Kashmir
Sh Radha Krishen Raina All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference
Sh Kundan Kashmiri Kashmiri Pandit Conference
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