The Message on the Rock

This story about the begining of shaviasim is very good and gives a clear insight into shavisim please keep on writing about it in your further issues as well.thanks for it
Added By Sunaina Kaw
Very nice narration. An easy way to understand Kashmir Shavism. Expecting more from the author.
Added By Vikram Tikoo
Thank you Ms.Nandita Shankar Ji for this account of Kashmiri Shaivism, it was indeed very engrossing and enlightening. The story is quite easily understandable and would prove to be very helpful in making our generation and the ones to come, aware of our culture. Looking forward to the next article.
Added By Nakul Kampasi
NanditaJi, I was born in Kashmir and grew up there. I always knew about Kashmiri Shaivism but always believed that it would be too much of an effort to understand it. After reading Message on A Rock, I could speak to a classroom of kids and make THEM understand. Thank you for one of the best I have read in Shehjar.
Added By Arun Kaul
Absolutely out of the world I had heard of Shaivist philosophy as distinct from other philosophies of India, but I understood its basics only after reading this beautiful write-up. The author deserves all the compliments!
Added By Ruchi Raina
Well, the write-up really motivates me to keep my faith in God and in my own Self as well. The way the story is narrated provides strength to a 16-year-old student like me to try out my own will power. From now on, I am willing to go and see the rock to feel that Yes, God is near by.
Added By Kirti Mahajan
Dear. Ms. Shankar I read your story, and then read it again and again. I have read it at least six times now and everytime I read it I see a new truth unfolding through your writing. I am really grateful that you have shared this story with us. It is a story about Kashmir Shaivism not only for children but for parents as well. God Bless you! Sunanda
Added By Sunanda Vasisht
This short yet beautiful story "Message on the Rock" for children on 'Kashmir Shaivism' is for every living being on this earth. It depicts the true meaning of spirituality. I admire the author's creative mind and her ability to simplify this story for children so beautifully. Her ability to inspire children is seen in lines that 'God' is present in all of us in the form of mental, physical and spiritual energy; all we have to do is to realize this energy and channelize it rightly!"
Added By Suman Raina