To Jehlum

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Nature's product; Jehlum to soul, You are!

Your very secret thus patience has been.

We blocked your route;

Hampered your ways,

Your virginity we verily mauled

Your piousness we bitterly choked.

No care of yours, since ages we took.

We only in selfish acts involved you.

You turned furious;

"It's Accepted."

Patience itself but has a limit,

You blocked our paths;

trapped us in anxiety.

The Sewage we had been throwing at you

You spit it back, right at us!

There is no complain, at all to you;

Gulp when reaches the highest level

Tears but are destined to shower.

Your anger but was genuine.

A reminder; A reflector:

"What we do;

Comes back to us!"

Still the nice son of mother nature,

Still a product of patience highest,

What you did

actually was little a manifestation of

what you actually have the potential to do...

Dhaar Mehak
(Is a free lance writer and an undergraduate economics student)