Science- Truth or an ideology


Ever since man set foot on this planet, he has been searching for Truth of this Universe and its Creation. Since ancient times he postulated various theories regarding it. Religions which came at later date also tried to solve this riddle in their own way. Man started worshipping Sun, Rain, Wind etc., forces affecting his life but not under his control. His worshipping of stars gave birth to a religion. Thus started Idol worship. His continuous pursuit for knowing truth of this Universe led him from Idol worship to non-idol worship and from multiple Gods to single God. To authenticate religious ideas various stories were added to religious manuscripts.

Science which is few centuries old, started dismantling religious beliefs on the pretext of lack of proof of these beliefs. Science came up with its own version of Creation. It stated that there is no role of God in creation of this Universe. Science stated that this Universe came into existence from a Primal matter. According to it this Primal matter, had a Big bang 13.7 billion years ago .According to this Big bang theory this Universe had a beginning. Time and space also had beginning. This Primal matter was later labeled Singularity. This Singularity did not explode as is commonly believed; instead it started expanding and cooling. This process of expansion is continuing even today. Movement of Stars was explained by various physical laws including Gravity. Newton, father of gravitation laws stated that masses in Universe attract other masses with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. This science of law continued to be believed till Theory of Relativity came. Theory of relativity attributed to great Einstein revolutionized laws of gravity told by Newton. Theory of relativity said that gravitation is an attribute of curved space time instead of being due to a force propagated between bodies. According to Einstein energy and momentum distort space time in vicinity. It is quite obvious from this that science is changing its stance with new finds and knowledge.

With advent of Quantum physics [physics at subatomic level] science has come out with new ideas. It now says that matter has no locality. Matter exists if we observe it. It confirms that Universe we see is an illusion [3D hologram]. All matter is but energy which is in vibration. There are parallel Universes with different laws of physics. It also says from nothing came Consciousness, Energy, Space,Time, Mind, and later Matter. It also says that this Universe is Creation of Intelligence. It also admits that predictions of science are probabilistic. It is strange that science on hand says that Universe is result of Intelligence yet same is not compatible with its mathematical expression of this Universe. So science today is in dilemma. It calls religious assertions bereft of proof yet acknowledges that its assertions are probabilistic.

Once Universe was formed after Big Bang, scientists started dating events on planet Earth. Science says life of Earth is 4.5billion years, life on earth2.5billion and Man on earth just 200,000 years old. This dating of events is radiometric, using Uranium, Potassium and even Carbon.

The concept of science that, the matter evolved from nothing, goes against scientific assertion [from nothing cannot come something]. There are also other problems with the so called Big Bang theory. Why is matter unequally distributed in Universe, who made physical laws, why some stars move in retrograde motion [this is against law of conservation of angular movement] are some problems Big Bang theorists cannot explain?

Did life start on Earth or was it triggered by someone? When Darwin in 1829 published, “Origin of species” scientific community pounced on it despite its shortcomings because idea suited to their Ideology as it eliminated the role of God. Evolutionary theory is based on two principles ie Mutation and natural selection, both not observed. Evolutionary theory meant that Man is descendent of Apes.

Question now comes to mind. Is Evolutionary theory correct? Religions believe there is a Creator and Creation is spontaneous but science says there is no Creator and life has come in stages i,e simple life evolved into complex life. Similarities in early stages of development of species led Darwin to believe in common ancestry? Darwin himself had said that, “If my theory be true, there must have been numberless intermediate species”. No intermediate species fossils have been found till today, this goes against evolution. Graptolites believed to be long extinct have been spotted in south pacific. Coelacanth fish believed extinct 325 mil years ago has been spotted in ocean in 1960, 142mil old fossil of a bird has been found in China. There is a crow sized bird in Albuquerque museum. These finds go against the spirit of evolution. It is interesting to note that 95% fossil records are marine and invertebrates, 4.5% of plants and only 1% of vertebrates. Presence of Topsy Turvy fossils also are points against evolution. Dinosaurs believed to have died 65mil years back yet their presence is recorded in various civilizations.Calfornia gold miners discovered human fossils which Dr Witney dated 50 mil in age. Journal of Geology 1862 published an article wherein humans remains enmeshed in rocks were dated 300mil old. Human foot prints were found in Mexico, Arizona, and Illinois---250 mil old. In Turkmenistan dinosaur tracts along human prints have been found. At Angor wat temple in Cambodia there is a picture of Stegosaurs carved, Dinosaur figurines buried at foot of El Toro Mountain have been found. In INCA painting dinosaurs are shown attacking men. Records of Greek historian Herodotus and Jewish historian Josephus describe flying reptiles in ancient Egypt. If dinosaurs died 65mil years back, how could so many civilizations know exactly what they looked like? Answer, they drew what they saw. Is dinosaur story a case of knowledge pilfering by scientists of today to suite their interests? There are 10 proven dinosaur sites of which Dinosaur valley park, Burdick track and provincial park Canada are famous.

It has not been possible to change one species in to another despite all scientific advances. Science has not been able to produce life out of that which was not life. Is evolution an Ideology? Fossils found contradict it.Arthur Keith while writing forward for 100 th edition of Darwin’s book wrote, “Evolution is not proven nor is provable”.

When one goes to dating of fossils one notices that it is done by radio metrics using isotopes of Uranium, Potassium and Carbon. Carbon14 which has half-life of 5730 years cannot be used beyond 40000---60000 years with accuracy because of its half-life. Uranium is very useful in dating. By radiometric dating age of rock can be found. In rocks are fossils hence can be indirectly dated as fossils as such contain no isotope. It is igneous rocks which have isotope. Fossil cannot form in igneous rock as it is very hot. Fossils form instead in Sedimentary rocks. This means there is bound to be some inaccuracy in fossil dating. Even renaming of some fossils has put evolutionists in disrepute, example:--

“”Nautilus Pompilius is Cymatoceras Texanum of fossils ,Mush room coral is Cyclolites Undulata and Globin Shark is Scapanorynchus Mitsukurina of fossil”.


Is science on the side of truth or religion both having divergent view points on Creator and Creation? If one listens to young Earth Creationist who want you to believe in Bible literally, this world is just 6000 years old, created by God. This is despite the fact that we have been able to find human civilizations as old as 5000—7000BC. Science tells us there is no God but believes in some intelligence behind this Creation. It also admits its assertions are probabilistic. Evolutionary theory of Darwin has many loop holes. Not finding of intermediate species fossils is nagging problem for evolutionists. Even fossil dating is confusing. Is it not right time for west to look to East and learn from its wisdom?. VEDIC culture which flourished in India long before west came out of darkness has some answers to scientific queries. Bhagwat Purana gives not only an account of details of Cosmology but even gives details of Creation [Metaphorically]. Time as 4th dimension which west started to believe in Twentieth century was known to Vedantists long back [3000BC]. Vedantists talked of measurement of Time, Time travel and even said that this world in which we live is an illusion [MAYA]. Science also now tells that this world could be a 3D hologram.Puranas also talk of time flowing at different rates for different observers. It also talks of relativity of time and space, a fact acknowledged by science hardly a few decades back.Puranas also say that physical laws are intrinsic to the Universe and these also evolve, a mystery still baffling scientists even today. Is n’t Purana knowledge ahead of its time and present science?

Sri Krishna in holy Bhagvat Gita says,” I am not in space, space is in me”. Science also says now that “SPACE is in Singularity and not vice versa”. Time travel for science today is far distant hope but Vedantists did travel in space not in any vehicle but by Sadhana [Meditation]. There are dozens of books available in India wherein we are told how Rishi’s [Hindu scientists] travelled in space/ Galaxies. There is a book called Agasthya Purana where author tells us that a man can dissolve into 5 elements by his will at particular focal point, travel in space, comeback and reform at same focal point:--.

*Dr. Makhan Lal Babu, Born and brought up in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir till his migration from valley in 1990. Retired as Professor and Head Neurosurgery from Institute of Medical sciences, Soura, Srinagar. Has published a lot of professional articles, both in national and international journals. His interests, besides medicine, are in Ancient history of Kashmir, Vedas and Ancient India. His focus is educating youth who are fast losing track of their glorious roots and culture.