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Jammu, (India), May 10, 2015
With the disapproval of composite clusters in Kashmir coupled with the massive support for the demand for separate homeland received during the Mission 5000 organized by the young Turks of the displaced community at Delhi on 3rd May,2015, in furtherance of it, Panun Kashmir leadership today organized a public meet at Jammu to discuss the further course of action in achieving the desired goal of Homeland.

“ Time has now come when the Seed of Panun Kashmir sown in after exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from their land of ancestors has starting germinating into seedling with the latest developments in the murky politics of Kashmir at the hands of, be it PDP-BJP combine in the State, Separatists of all hues or other so called main stream political parties in Kashmir having the tacit support of the present political dispensation at centre” disclosed Dr Ajay Chrangoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir today in largely attended gathering of Kashmiri Hindu scholars, intellectuals, political think tanks, Panun Kashmir members and the commoners at Jammu.

Dr Ajay also said that there are some unscrupulous elements in our community, who for vested interests and some pecuniary benefits hob nob with the government and their agencies to push some gullible Kashmiri Hinuds back into Kashmir for unknown reasons. He cautioned the community from the machinations of this disgruntled people whose number he claimed is not more than 100. “We fail to understand that why a concerted hatred campaign has been launched against the Displaced people by the BJP and its Hench men” lamented Ajay Chrangoo. He further declared that creation of panun Kashmir has become a reality now and asked the members of panun Kashmir to visit door to door and educate the displaced people and others about the relevance of Panun Kashmir.

Shri Shailender Aima, President PK while in his inaugural address said that it is the war of ideologies and we cannot stop till this goal is achieved. Prof M L Raina, Political think tank in his address made a dig at the Center that they are asking the ‘Cobra’ snake that what treatment we should give to the victim you have stung instead of taking into consideration the victims condition. His reference was directed towards the Central government and various political dispensations in Kashmir be it so called mainstream or separatists viz a viz displaced Kashmiri Hindus. What answer does the present political dispensation at centre does have to the forced exodus, genocide, ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from their land of birth, questioned Shri O N Trisal, a great political thinker and ideologue. He cautioned the Government of India that your enemy is ideologically very strong that includes Pakistan as well and it needs to be fought with firm will and determination by one and all. Sh Trisal made it clear that there is no solution but to have separate homeland for Kashmiri Hindus. The most interesting feature of this meeting was that It has come to the fore that after a gap of long time that such a kind of good gathering assembled in Panun Kashmir meetings in Jammu wherein young and old, men and women attended the meeting,. credit of which squarely goes to the mishandling of the proposed return formula as envisaged by the Government of India and the state PDP-BJP coalition government. Anchors job was very nicely and meticulously done by Kuldeep Raina, its fire brand General Secretary of Panun Kashmir. After culmination of the meeting, the gathering took a road show in Roopnagar area, raising the slogans of Panun Kashmir.

Own Home Land is necessary if pundits want to see future generations or I am afraid in few generation pundit community would disappear without delay.
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