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Cheerful faces, beautiful decorations, colorful scenes and yummy food for tummy…yes! All this defines season of marriages. Marriage is a pious relationship that involves the union of not only two souls, but two families. It is a sacred rather delicate relation, in which priority is given even to the minute and miniscule matters. From “wazas to waazwan”, everything is planned systematically and orderly. It a merry time for the kids who start selecting their dresses months before, it’s a delicate time for the bride who has to start a new life. And, most importantly it is the time for “kori moul” to empty his pockets. Kashmiris are known for their extravagance in marriages. They spend hefty amount to get the best arrangements done and maintain their status in society. But, behind all this extravagance and pomp and show, a large amount of food and other items go waste!

According to the Islamic SHARIAH, marriages are meant to be an austere phenomenon with no loud hue and cry but nowadays everything is done in an opposite manner. Today we see huge pandaals, variety of unnecessary dishes, decorations and traditions. All this is wastage of time and money. If the well off families introduces new traditions then the poor families are forced to do the same, and thus marriage turns out to be a nightmare for them. It is lamentable to think that simple marriages even consume 13 lakh rupees. Not all the calculators of the national debt can tell the capacity of shirk that is observed in the present marriages.

Girls who are very sensitive fret at the time of their marriages the parents have to spend a great deal. Why cannot be marriages be simple in Kashmir? Why this unnecessary wastage? If marriages are observed in austere manner it won’t calm the wild waters of the souls of the bridegroom’s family! Why is always a shade of melancholy on a bride’s face? It is due to the tumult ions that her parents have to face in getting their daughters married off.

There are some people who do not care a button about the great wastage that is done in these grand marriages, and shame on these people. It is the young generation that has to fight against all these social customs and traditions. Marriages should be observed in a simple manner so that girls are not considered as a burden for the society. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Raise your voices, it is certainly going to make a difference. Stop introducing new customs in the institution of marriages, keep it simple and sober.
Azra Mufti is a freelance columnist and writes columns for newspapers like rising kashmir, kashmir times and kashmir observer. currently pursuing MBA in one of the leading institutes in chandigarh.
its really a nice write up which can be further explained and hope u ll write on the dowery system adopted in the velly as well and the charges as per educational degrees and work position etc. Also what if the groom and his family asks the parents of bride not to do such things as this is not correct as per our religion and to make the function as simple without any showoff in the society
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