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Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora, Kashmir
“This is going to be exciting and adventurous”, I muttered to myself, these kinds of thoughts created ripples in my mind on my first day of joining Islamic University as Assistant Professor. With new hopes, new aspirations and new dreams, I left for my new journey. First job is always special, they say, it truly is. I stopped exploring the museums of past and funneled all my thoughts towards my new job. Here, I landed into the world of IUST, a lighthouse of knowledge. Situated in the picturesque district of Pulwama, this university has achieved many milestones in a short span of time. Separate mosque for both the genders, a library par excellence and highly qualified staff, you name it and you get it! It is a pleasure to be a part of this almamater.

I like everything about this university except the roads that lead to it. Being one of the most sought after universities in J&K, the roads that lead to it are highly disappointing. A centre of higher learning is ought to be situated in calm and smooth area but unfortunately, the ride from railway station to IUST is annoying and irksome. The gravel paths, the dusty roads and the annoying potholes gets on one’s nerves. The transport authorities have complained several times to the higher authorities, but they turn deaf ear towards the agony of masses. What adds fuel to the fire is the ignorance and arrogance of the sumo drivers. Normally a sumo has to carry 7 passengers, but here they board more than 10 passengers which makes it suffocating and uncomfortable. On protesting, they turn arrogant and use abusive language. I sympathize with those women who in a family way have to traverse such paths. I find it unconvincing to believe that a university of national repute has roads that leave people in sheer disgust.

Recently NAAC team visited this university and I wonder how they would have felt about it. It is high time the authorities pay attention to this as people from other states are also a part of this institution. It tarnishes the image of our state. With the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to bring into the notice of concerned authorities, the pathetic condition of these roads. Kindly look into matter.

Azra Mufti is a freelance columnist and writes columns for newspapers like rising kashmir, kashmir times and kashmir observer. Currently Asstt. Professor IUST, Awantipora..
I think Azra Mufti has misdirected this piece of writing that should have been sent to Kashmir Times. I do not think Shehjar looks after building roads that lead to a mosque.
Added By BL Dhar
Utterly confused, I hope it is still shehjar looks after interests and stories of displaced kashmiri pandits and pandits only.
Added By Raj Ambardar
Hi, If this university is going to teach subjects including and other than Islam then Ok. I hear that this university is famous for science and engineering too. Otherwise this article would mean that even the internet which is the only visible frontier where KPs have some say, is also directing them away from their culture towards an Islamic University, through a website meant for the preservation of the original Kashmiri culture and ethos. Regards, Karthik.
Added By Karthikeyan Chidambaram