Walking in Flames

Walking in Flames
Bal Krishan Pandita
Title of the Book: Walking in Flames
Author : Bal Krishan Pandita
Publisher : Utkarsh Publications
Pages : 80
Price : Rs100/-
Book Review
by Neeraj Pandita
“Walking in Flames” is a collection of poems by Bal Krishan Pandita. It encompasses life's journey with innocence and simplicity. Each poem touches the core of the soul of the reader. The book is a mixture of poems on romance, spirituality and human suffering during the violence in Kashmir and its after effects on People of Jammu and Kashmir, especially Kashmiri Pandits. Here is a part of a poem from the book:

No, the night was not unusually quite
The spears of slogans from the mosques pierced the ears
The footsteps of brain washed, trigger happy boys seeking self-glorification
Made the dark,desolate night colder

Women and children hurdled in a corner spoke in hushed voices
Pale, desperate men motioned for quietness
Pretending to hear what was going on in the streets outside
The yearning eyes of the kids looked towards elders for reassurance


The dark events that these migrants experienced. The unfortunate tale of peoples' suffering which could have been better narrated than forgotten.. The poems,' Life in a Camp 'and ' Tragedy of Nadimarg 2003' are reminiscence of what these people went through.

Men ,women, children, helpless Pandits
Were set in a row by the ' freedom fighters'
From machine guns bullets were rained
On defenseless victims, who did nothing but prayed

Heart rendering wails and screams filled the sky
Blood drained from the wounds, heart and thigh
Under the chinar tree known for autumn leaves red
The earth was socked in blood red


The author is not afraid to speak about what he felt and believed, but advises the readers to move ahead despite the suffering with a spirit of fortitude. 'Difficulties and dark clouds are in the fate of every sailor but those who raft on with faith shall certainly reach the shore'. The feeling resonates through his poems

Bear patiently then
The sufferings and the sorrows
That are in your store
They are like the season's snow
And shall melt away so soon.

The book is vibrant and if you are a Kashmiri and have been witness to these incidents, you can easily identify with the book. The memory of the past floats freely in the book. This book has also a tinge of romance, and inspiration and is therefore specially recommended to the youths of this country. Here is a piece from a romantic poem from the book:

She was chaste, valorous and free in spirit
For she was in love with nature
Deep in the forests she grew in years
Where mountain rills let her loose


The book will be shortly available at www.flipcart.com and www.amazon.in and is recommended to the readers. The book is written in easy english and there should be no difficulty to a common reader in understanding the book. The book has been priced very moderately and therefore is within the reach of the readers.