Will you please shift to the next seat, I cried for the third time, but the girl seemed to be in her own thoughts and in oblivion. I nudged her for the fifth time and she responded with a jolt, “Hell man, what are you doing?” without losing temper, I requested her to shift to the next seat. She moved with an aura of agitation.

After this small encounter with this teenager, I realized why the little girl was so unresponsive of my requests, when I caught a glimpse of small monster in her hand, “her cell phone” and earphones tucked in her ears! I could not take my eyes off this girl, for she was smiling sheepishly, hopelessly and shamelessly! With a sudden thud, she stood up and got down after 15 minutes drive. I was surprised by this small scene that I had witnessed. The new wave of technology that has invaded our lives for the last couple of years has totally detached us from what we actually are.

FBI (no I am not writing about the secret foreign agency, but a deadlier concept than that, facebook and instagaram, infamously referred to as FBI), this FBI concept is silently entering into our lives and detaching us from the real world, unfortunately it has landed us into the world of unwanted“ selfies and pouts”! Unfortunately most of us do not know, this is a FBI concept is used by Yankees to grab information about every single person who lives on this planet. We, quite obliviously of this fact, happily upload all our personal and private information on these sites. Starting from the food we eat to the places we visit and the attire we wear, every single information is shared on these social networking sites. I am afraid to say; now people like to travel only to let their digital friends know how adventurous they are!

Technology, no doubt has brought us closer to the people who are away from us geographically, but it has taken us away from the people who are closer to us! Ironical and true! I miss the days when we actually enjoyed our lives, without the disturbance of external agents like camera, cell phones and selfies! My two year old nephew, is an expert mobile operator, he knows how to click selfies and see rhymes on youtube!

I still find myself green in such matters! Some parents provide their kids with the latest gadgets and expensive tabs at a very tender age, this heavily tells upon their lives both physically and academically, they should be updated but not addicted towards it. I sympathize with the students of present generation, because they have so many distractions in form of latest gizmos and gadgets. We are going digital and it is helping us in many ways, but the wrong usage makes the scary parts scarier.

Azra Mufti is a freelance columnist and writes columns for newspapers like rising kashmir, kashmir times and kashmir observer. Currently Asstt. Professor IUST, Awantipora..
Excellent summary of latest malady, or, shall I be more truthful, summary of the global pandemic, that has, in the name of bringing us closer, have actually made us remote from one another! When was the last time when we just sat together next to one another gazing in horizon, laughing at the smallest opportunity we found, enjoying sunshine of winter and passing peanuts to one another? We hardly can lift our head straight.A sure way to kill humanity!
Added By Dr Pradeep Goel
Selfies are personifications of our ancestors Adam n Eve ( first man n woman according to Christian religion). We are breeding narcissm (obsessive self love). It was this narcissm of Eve, that brought about the couple' s downfall. Their innocence and purity were tainted and the Creator threw them out of Paradise on to earth. We are supposed to be their descendents on earth. Why are we obsessed with self love. This is a ruinous trend. The article reflects the truth.
Added By Ranee Kumar