My Valley

My Valley
*Rajinder Kasba

I know it is not easy to forget, but then why should we forget Kashmir.
It lives with us and will live with our future generations.
Only we have to keep nurturing it with our memory, emotions and will.

Who did not lose, but then why should we think that we have lost.
It is ours, it will remain ours
only we have to keep our thoughts current and
remind ourselves of the a place that is beautiful.

Memory can be painful,
but then why should we be pained,
only we we have to remind ourselves that we loved Kashmir
with our heart and not with sword

We have left everything behind,
but then future lies in front of us,
only we have to remember that
we did not leave of our own but were made to leave.

Do what they can,
but what then, kashmir lives in your heart and soul

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