Contemporary Kashmiri Short Stories


Contemporary Kashmiri Short Stories
by Hriday Kaul Bharati Translated by Neerja Mattoo

Format: Paperback
Size: 8.3" X 5.3"

Pages: 110


Sahitya Akademi, India's national academy of letters, New Delhi, India.

---Language: English
ISBN 81-260-0594-7

About the book

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Kashmiri short story was born with the Progressive Movement in Kashmir and it accepted the standards and values dictated by the Movement unquestioningly. Nationalism and the desire for reaching out to people inspired most of the writers to switch over to Kashmiri, even though they had started writing in Urdu. Dinanath Nadim's Javabi Card (Reply-card) and Sommath Autshi's Yeli Phol Gash (When there was light) are the first two short stories written in Kashmiri.

The early sixties marked the down of the modern Kashmiri short story. The short story writer today is trying to handle the changing values and uncertainties of his environment by bringing a fresh perspective to them and breaking free from the shackles of conventionality.

The seventeen stories presented in this volume explorer inner realities through unconventional means breaking free from stereotypes.

Contents Preface

    Translator's Note 7
    Akhtar Mohiuddin  
    Magical Webs 11
    Amin Kamil  
    The Cock-Fight 15
    Avatar Krishna Rehbar  
    The Glazed Eyes 25
    Anees Hamadani  
    The Burnt-Out Sun 28
    Iqbal Fahim  
    The Flow 31
    Bins Nirdosh  
    Love Marriage 34
    Bashir Akhtar  
    Some Tableaux, Some Snaps 41
    Taj Begum Renzu  
    Begum Sahiba's Administration 45
    Shankar Raina  
    Whose Turn Now? 53
    Rattan Lal Shant  
    A New Triangle 68
    Sohan Lal Koul  
    The Lost Self 79
    Shamas-ud-din Shameem  
    A Graveyard Under The Breast 82
    Ali Mohammad Lone  
    The Void 87
    Farooq Masoodi  
    Mind and Breath 91
    Nasir Mansoor  
    Circles 94
    Harikrishna Kaul  
    Sunshine 96
    Hariday Kaul Bharati  
    The Sunless Tomorrow 106

About the Authors
Hriday Kaul Bharati (b. 1937) has written a number of plays and short stories. Tsakravyuh, his published collection of short stories, established his reputation as a serious chronicler of human dilemmas and sensibilities. He was awarded the Akasshwani (AIR) National Prize for Radio play.

Neerja Mattoo (b. 1937) writes in English and translates from Kashmiri into English, She was Professor and Head of Department of English, Government College for Women, Srinagar. She has a number of published works to her credit, including The Stranger Beside Me, the first ever Translation of Kashmiri short stories into English.

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