Trail by the sea

The Pacific is peaceful
And true to its name
As the waves draw closer
One after the other
Lapping the shores

I walk
Now briskly
Now leisurely
Along the trail by the sea
On dusty paths and creaky boards
Through the sprawling meadows
Along the craggy hills
Through the cypress groves
Up on the cliffs
Down in the hollows
On and on and on.

I would do it the whole day
Untiring, uncomplaining
If that is all I have to do
All my life
Leaving footprints in the sand
Merging with the vistas
Flying with the gulls
Swimming with the fish
Barking with the seals
Singing with the birds
Skipping along the stones
Dipping in the foamy waves
Lying down on the granite
Soaking up the sun
Breathing in the breeze
Looking into the sky
And the faces in the cloud
That appear as suddenly
As they disappear
And make me wonder
At the unifying theme of Nature.

I feel like a tiny particle
Of the white sand here
That we tread upon
Without a care.
*Dr. K L Chowdhury Dr. K L Chowdhury retired as a Professor of Medicine, Medical College, Srinagar. Presently he is the Director of a charitable institution, Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital and Research Center, Durga Nagar, Jammu.
He is a physician and neurologist, a medical researcher, poet, social activist. He writes on diverse subjects – medical, literary, social and political and has numerous research papers to his credit, his pioneering work being “The Health Trauma in a Displaced Population” which was presented at national and international conferences.
He has published three anthologies namely:
1- “Of Gods, Men and Militants”. Minerva Press (Pvt.) India -2000
2- “A Thousand-Petalled Garland and other Poems”. Writers Workshop Kolkata – 2003
3- “Enchanting world of Infants” Peacock Books, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors-2007
He was declared Shehjar's 'Kashmiri Person of the year' for 2007.