Tributes Dr. Jagan Kaul

Dr. Jagan N Kaul

Beloved community stalwart Dr. Jagan N. Kaul is no more. He had undergone shoulder surgery which was followed by heart attacks and he left us on May 25th, 2017 in Roseburg, OR (USA).

Dr. Jagan N Kal userved in faculties and administrations of numerous universities in the American Mid-West. He advised US Congressional stalwarts and public organizations on Foreign Policy and International Affairs. Until recently he also served as a Consultant with UNIP a division of the UN. A decade ago he was instrumental in getting a proclamation of support adopted by the South Dakota State Legislature (USA) for the struggle by KPs and other non-Muslim minorities of Kashmir against the Islamic tyranny.

It was Dr. Kaul‘s efforts that motivated US Senator Tim Johnson to ask Prime Minister Vajpayee of India to explore the possibility of establishing an autonomous homeland for KPs. Similarly Dr. Kaul successfully used his power of persuasion in bringing the local government of Roseburg on board in supporting the struggle for a homeland by non-Muslim minorities of Kashmir and recognizing September 14 as Martyrs Day to pay homage to the people who lost their lives in this struggle. As a public citizen Dr. Kaul is behind this significant move as well. At Dr. Kaul‘s initiative the entire Democratic Legislative Party of the state of South Dakota represented by Sen. In mid-eighty‘s,

Dr. Kaul was one of the oldest active members of the KP community in the US. He served as the founding Chairman, Diversity-USA, a National Democratic Think Tank on Minority Affairs and as founding Director of Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc., - KHF.

I‘m deeply saddened to learn about the sad demise of Dr. Jagan Kaul. In his passing, our community has suffered an irreparable loss.

A tireless fighter, particularly for those that were forced out of the land of their ancestors and remain marginalized even to this day, he symbolized indomitable resistance against the evil forces of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in the valley. Neither age nor the ailment could dampen his commitment to the just cause of his community - the Kashmiri Pandits.

I offer deep condolences to his loved ones for their loss; and a prayer - May his noble soul rest in Eternal peace.

Ravi Munshi

Dr Jagan Kaul was a shining star. He kept constant vigil on KPs problems. He has laid foundation for our return to homeland in Kashmir. His light will shine our minds for ever. He is watching us from Heavenly abode.
Prof. Saligram Bhatt.

It is a huge loss to the community. His reactions to events and observations kept the flame of inquisitiveness and fight for the KP cause alive and kicking. Pray to God to give him place in vishen bhavan and keep us stirred for fulfillment of bright future for KP‘s in Maej Kashir.

Naren Kaul

What a loss to the KP community!

A KP leader totally dedicated to the KP cause. Appointed as the Chair of the Kashmir Cause Task Force, he exemplified in that role for our community. He attended and spoke at many of the NFIA conventions across the USA. Likewise, we worked together on many other community projects.

Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Dr. jagan Kaul.

With sympathy,

Subash and Raj Razdan (Atlanta)

Dr.Jagan Kaul will always be remembered as a relentless firebrand fighter with an indomitable spirit. His steadfastness in fighting for the Hindu diaspora in general and the KP cause in particular, will remain matchless to remember for ever. Last year he once told me to talk to a prominent Jewish lady in Bay area on phone, to broach the atrocities faced by the hounded KPs in Kashmir.He was so much pleased to know her feedback after my talk. Lord bestow him with eternal bliss !
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