Harmukh Bartal

'Harmukh Bartal' by Shyan Koul
Kashmiri Bhajan - Harmukh Bartal by Shyan Koul

Shyan is 16 years old and a rising Upper (going to be in 11th grade) at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. He is passionate about Kashmir and its history, music, politics, religion and society.

It is his desire to connect with his roots that has motivated him to learn and sing Kashmiri songs. He believes that Kashmiri tunes and lyrics will sound good whether these are sung most traditionally or adapted to go with modern instruments. He hopes to bring some additional innovations for Kashmiri music to reach wider audiences.
Dear Shyan Congratulations!!! I really enjoyed listening to your Sofiana style Bhajan. You have sung it with maturity. No body can imagine a young boy like you can sing this style. Credit goes first to you and then to your parents who are trying their best to keep in you Kashmiri music and culture alive. You are blessed by Ma Sarswati. Keep it up Chandra
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