Mahatma Gandhi Dharma Seva Award

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Mahatma Gandhi Dharma Seva Award
Sawgrass Conference Center, Plantaion, FL (USA)

November 16, 2018
Hindu American Foundation (HAF), a non-profit advocacy organization for the Hindu American community honors communiy activists who have made significant and positive contributions to the Hindu American community and the wider public over the years. ȀHAF’s Mahatma Gandi Dharma Seva Award is bestowed upon those individuals who have worked tirelessly and selflessly for the greater good of Sanatana Dharma and the Dharmic community. Deepak Ganju was honored as the recipient of ​HAF’s Dharma Seva Award.
Native of Kashmir, engineer by training and an entrepreneur by profession, Deepak Ganju is the Managing Editor of the Shehjar Online, at, a leading publication reaching over ten thousand members. This popular magazine covers the entire spectrum of Kashmir--its politics, history, religion and culture and continues to be among the most widely read publications on Kashmir.

Deepak is the founding members of Kashmir Hindu Foundation Inc., Preserve Our Heritage Foundation & United Hindu Front and one of the past Presidents of Kashmiri Overseas Association. Being a Hindu, forced to leave his home and hearth in the wake of terrorist onslaught from across the border, Deepak has undergone the traumatic experience of being a refugee from Kashmir. His focus has always been to highlight the plight of Kashmiri Hindu refugees through the medium of documentary movies, rallies and magazines.

Deepak has been engaged with his Floridian community and also with national and global Kashmiri Hindus and other Indian groups and organizations. He has planned and organized educational, cultural and social events which have brought several hundred to a few thousand in attendance. His activism has taken him to meetings, from the Mayor of Miami to Senators and Congressmen in Washington DC to meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. He has not left a stone unturned to push the causes he believes in.

He has dedicated his time, energy and resources to many causes. He has created films and features including ȁLost Paradise”, “India’s 59-hour Infamy", and ”Our Lost Home” are some of the videos produced by him to acquaint the world at large with what the Hindus of Kashmir have gone through.

Deepak is married to Chandra Ganju who is a major contributor to social and cultural causes herself. Her book Koshur Saal is highly popular among young and old alike, who have a liking for traditional Kashmiri Hindu cooking.
Speaking at the event, Deepak Ganju thanked the organization for the Dharma Seva award. "For those who do not know me, I am not dogmatic about religion but I do believe in doing the right thing. So you may say that I do my Karma as per my Dharma."
"Same as many of you, I have seen a lot of joy in life and dealt with many hardships as well. What has kept me in equanimity most times is just my belief in what I am doing. As such, if I have created an example worthy of such an honor as the Dharma Seva award from HAF, I feel relieved that my thoughts and actions have generally been in the right direction."

Providing stastical data to prove his point as to how a small population of Kashmiri Islamists supported by appeasement policies of GOI has taken India as hostage? He provided information on the Kashmir region having a total area of 206,552 square miles, larger than California but smaller than Texas.. Out of the 138,091 square miles of the entire state of J&K, the Kashmir Valley is just 5992 sq miles - 83 miles long x 20 miles wide, less than 5% of the area of J&K. Polulation as per 2011 census was 70 Lakhs expected to be 1.25 Crores in 2018 vs 135 crore in India.

Concluding he commend HAF members and all the awardees, as well as many more in the gathering, for being excellent models in the community. "I am just blessed and grateful to be in this company."
Congratulations Deepakji
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