Partition and Kashmiri Pundit

Partition and Kashmiri Pundit

A picture of the ‘VP17’, an aircraft of the Indian Air Force landed at the Poonch region of Jammu and Kashmir. It was aimed at ferrying defense troops as well as the refugees.
Partition not only was catastrophe in Indian subcontinent but it signaled doomsday for Kashmiri Pundit. To decipher this doomsday one has got to know about events that led to Partition. In 1945 elections of India, held for electing members of central legislative assembly and council of state Indian national congress[INC] got 59 seats out of 102 and Muslim league [ML] got 30/102. Muslim league won only in Muslim dominant areas. These results not only consolidated Muslim vote but also gave Muslim League bargaining power which later paved way for partition.

In elections of 1946 out of total 1585 seats, INC got 923 and ML got 425. Results of 1946 put Muslim League in power in Sindh [27seats, INC only18] and Bengal [113 seats, INC ONLY 86]. In Punjab ML got 73 seats and INC 51 .INC with help of unionists and Alkalis formed Coalition in Punjab which was short-lived, eventually led to bifurcation of Punjab. It is interesting to note here communists did not fare well in elections. Communists even did not support QUIT India movement of 1942. Muslim League not only enlisted support of PIR’S [RELIGIOUS HEADS] in these elections but also took support of HOLY Quran at election rallies. In this they were supported by British and surprisingly INC did not oppose ML tactics.

A separate electorate was formed for Muslims. There was 33% reservation kept for Muslims. These moves of British govt were not opposed by congress. This shows how much congress leadership lacked political wisdom. Muslims could fight elections in general category also despite reservation. This shows how much malice was there for nonmuslims in preindependent India. Muslim league even passed Pakistan resolution in March 1940, unopposed by INC. In reality 1945 elections were held whether to remain with India or not. Not a single Muslim majority state decided to stay with India. That shows mind set of Muslims of India. Why did congress agree for separate electorate and reservation in name of religion is mind boggling? This attitude of congress continues even today ably supported by intellectuals and pseudo secularists.

Partition was not done due to greed of Nehru and Jinnah but due to incompatibilities of Islamic beliefs with nonislamic culture [Hinduism]. Jinnah was never imprisoned but Sarvarkar was sent to Kalapani. Punjabi Muslim was busy making deals with British. Muslims supported Jinnah’s direct action plan and rioted against Hindus everywhere they could afford to. M. Azad [congress president, minister later] protected Muslim rights, never spoke for Hindus in Muslim areas. He even talked of reestablishing Khilafat in Turkey. This speaks volumes of mind set of Indian Muslims.1965 war was to capture part of India, to complete task of islamization.

Fate of Hindus in Kashmir, Bangla Desh and in Pakistan should be seen as single design instead of three separate issues. Exodus of KP’S in 1990 from valley is culmination of process started in 1947. Cry of Kashmiri Muslim for separate state is nothing but continued Muslim agenda which was started way back in 1945. Kashmiri Muslim has been treated as VIP citizen of India, given special status and there is article 370 to protect his vested interests. Despite all this there is cry for Azadi. Are they oppressed /suppressed? Answer is blunt NO. So their call for Azadi is nothing but for fulfilment of Islamic agenda---“islamization of subcontinent”. No wonder then that all separatist groups and even political parties of valley oppose KP’S return. In this endeavor they are also helped by free press and pseudo secularists.

Free press of India along with pseudo secularists want us to believe that Kashmiri Muslim is an aggrieved party and needs to be listened while truth of matter is Kashmiri Muslim wants to secede from India. This is despite the various privileges he has been offered in free India. Kashmiri Muslim boys study in various universities of country under various schemes, getting scholarships. For these seats rest of the country boys have to sit in for competitive exam but not Kashmiri boys. Kashmiri Muslim enjoys benefits of minority status in state despite being in majority. Total distortion of minority commission goals. In fact KP should have got minority benefits in valley, just constituting less than 1% of population. This is how free India works---“Cry more, Get more”. This case of Kashmiri Muslim taking minority benefits is right now pending in Supreme Court of India.

Muslims who stayed back in India did so for their own compulsions not for love of India. They never voted for INC in elections. Muslims of subcontinent believe in:-“Haste Liya Pakistan, Ladke LYGE Hindustan”. With that mind set central govt talk of KP return to valley is pure rhetoric. KP return to valley is just a dream. Muslims of subcontinent have not integrated with nonmuslims in last over thousand years. This is a fact even acknowledged by Muslim writers of Pakistan. When ethnic cleansing was happening in valley, no body including political parties, free press and so called intellectuals came forward to rescue of KP. Instead blame started. Perpetuators of crime against KP’S move freely, some have even govt security. This is the state of India where a commoner is ignored and muscle man is protected. Nehru tried his best to change mind set of Indian Muslims but failed miserably. Just to please he banned RSS who were fighting for united India. Muslim league and other Muslim outfits responsible for riots instead being punished were rewarded.

Central govt stand, no talks, development only is not solution to Kashmir problem. Kashmir problem is not economical problem but political cum religious. If centre wanted to save Kashmir and KP it should have put brakes to migration in 1990? Centre has to evolve a strategic policy visavis Kashmir---“A policy how to save Kashmir and rest of India from onslaught of Islamization”. Forget about return of KP to valley for the time being.

Challenge to Centre:--“Rebuild all destroyed temples in valley and ensure peace, we will return to valley without your rehab. Package.”

Pakistan or the Partition of India by BR Ambedkar.
Opinion poll of Kashmiri Muslim conducted in 1995.
Sardar Patel’s and Maulana AZAD’S views on Nehru and partition.
*Dr. Makhan Lal Babu, Born and brought up in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir till his migration from valley in 1990. Retired as Professor and Head Neurosurgery from Institute of Medical sciences, Soura, Srinagar. Has published a lot of professional articles, both in national and international journals. His interests, besides medicine, are in Ancient history of Kashmir, Vedas and Ancient India. His focus is educating youth who are fast losing track of their glorious roots and culture.
This article is an eye-opener for the the Pseoudo secularists Leaders of India who are thriving & flourishing by telling in India that Kashmiri pandits can be again rehabilitated in Kashmir. The policy of Congress Govt has been an eye wash and had fooled the Indian public at large. Because I India, people are always asking us as to when u are returning to your own state .
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Well written and we should try to get it published in a mainstream daily for wider reach. Though the central govt has bungled on Kashmir, we as Kashmiris and Indians should not lose hope and try, albiet, as a single force to get what is rightly ours.
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A small.note..please check in if the slogan mentioned is like this: Ladke LYGe Pakistan, Haas ke lenghe Hindustan”.
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