An adoration to Shri Nava-Durga

I am the divine Mother Durga---the Life Urge

Teaching through Markandeya Rishi, how to adore Me

The vision of Medha Rishi makes you to see Me.

I am Chandi –the Eternal Durga Sapta Shati

Suratha is just the personification of 'action'.

Samadhi is just the Yogic minterpretation

Primal breath I am in all the creatures of the manifestation

Perceived through the senses, I abide in all realms and location,

I do exist-------,.

Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound are just functions,

To rhythm the body and mind

I am myself the Atman of Brahma.

I am the eternal spirit revered as Vishnu Maya

It is just my momentary play of the Serial Time,

I am Maha Kali-the eternal timelessness.

Measure of the time, is the twinkle of my eye.

I create day and night, month, year and millenniums.

I rise with glaciers, beautiful vales and jungles

I am the wave and an oceanic hurricane

The ocean is just a drop before me.

I am a swimming action and a drifting march

I am thus revered as 'Shaila--Shailaputri'.


I am the graphics of the universe.

I am the sound, syllable and the seed

I am a curve and a cone, a triangle and a square.

I abode in the Bindu--dot Kona-angle and concurrence,

I am the tangent touching the circle of transmigration

I am the Murti Rahasya-- programming mutation

I paint with Divine brush and cosmic colors

Shades and tones are my impressions and sisters

These are 'Jaya and Vijaya' 'Vashini and Bhandini'.

The realms of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva…,

Are just the glimpses of my Primal thought.

I am adored by them,as the 'Moola Prakriti'.

I bring light on the canvas of humanity

I stand for environment and ecology.

I am revered as First Brahmacharini


Philosopher’s wisdom is the shadow of my vision

Being Durga…, I am Existent,adored as the Eternal one

I am embodiment of creation, sustenance and dissolution

Rishis deciphered the Mantra in syllable, word and meter.

Visible I am in the flash of the Markandeya’s eye

Who adored me with the Anushtubha,Ushnik Chhanda

I am recited through the Jagati Vedic meter

Dressed me in various colorful robes

Putting sword and missiles in my hands.

Seeing me on the couch of a roaring lion


I alone gave a vital breath to lord Vishnu

Ananta serpent was his couch then,

Giving birth to Brahma through Narayana's naval root.

Simultaneously Madhu And Kaitabha were born and seen

With Demonic and fierce looks they had been-----

Born of Vishnu’s ear –wax

Rishis deciphered the Mantra in meter and rhythm.

Hastening they were to kill the Brahma- Lord of creation.

Who was just born divine Baby then

Universe was filled with all commotion.

It was first transfusion

It received the Divine recognition.

The Primal Ratri Sukta was born then

It was all dark then, before the gods awoke


Thus the spontaneous Eternal cry was heard.

He begged for lease of life with the praises of Svaha and Svadha,

The Sound Ai'm Klim was uttered then.

This is the secret behind the Shakti Tattva.

The Vak got vibrated in A-U and M (OM) in Vashatkara

A new scene with unknown Sun was seen---

Gods were commissioned to help Brahma for procreation.


Markandeya portrayed me as Vishnu- Maya

Who was aroused from Cosmic sleep of Yoga Nidra

Was seen ornamented with conch disc, lotus and Mudra.

With the praises of word was the first war tactics


Praising then as “O demons! You are really valarous and great

Ask for a boon to create your Eternal fate.”

Thus were deluded Madhu –Kaitabha:

Vishnu Maya, killed them on his thighs,

As was the Divine play---

Not in water and not in space.

Take me verily, I am that Mahakali


I am Maha Lakshmi killing Mahishasura-

My own creation of ego and innertia

Purely, to justify Dharma

For Vishnu, Brahma and Indra could not defeat Mahishasura.

I was visible to other gods and to Indra .

Committed to help the Divine beings with the name of Durga

I am thus revered as Brahmacharini

I play the role of Chandra Ghanta

Making the universe see the dance of Shiva Tandava

I am always in 'Ananda and Lasya' Mudra

I am known as the First digital Chandrika

I bring luminosity around the globe.

It is just a pleasure of my white robe.

To keep Nine planets in motion.

Brihaspati is my intellect, Shukra is my ego.

I am the Eternal Seed,respecting the period of incubation

I am born,stay within time and destroying every foe

I am found in all and in One

I teach “Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi”

I am revered as Kushmanda, I am Sharada --Saraswati .

I have to save the beauty of the scriptural Vedas

And am found in the Trika Darshana and Agamas

I am the and aesthetics of the world in motion .

I adore the Agamas , I sing the songs in the Puranas

A alone am fashioned in Tantra-Mantra –Yantra

For I am Skanda Mata of Kumar Kartikeya.


I again am invisible in Kala Ratri

I crush the jealousy of the Gods

Guiding them to the path of ' Usha----the Early dawn'

Thus I am slightly visible to the Yogic eye

I m the Eternal Ushanik--Devi Sukta

I took birth to fulfill the dream of Kashyapa

My abode is Vitasta

I was born as the daughter of Himalaya revered as Parvati

For certain,I manifested as the Maha Gauri

For I am stronger than reason. Intuition is what I want to be

For I am the perfection of the cosmic view within unit and set.

This universe is but a drop of dew, I created

To see the manifestation in harmony.

This is the seed behind being Siddhi Dhatri

I again and again am born as Nava Durga

Some praise with the words of prescribed Puja

Some seek me for peace and prosperity.

Some adore me to arouse Kundalini .

But I lift the devotee , who loves me joyfully,

Lifting his conscience in my eternal lap.

Abiding in every nerve, vein,tissue and cell

I am Durga -- Mother of the brave, but honest one,

Feeding all without discrimination.

Some adore me with Thouand Names as in the Sahsranama

Some with Seven hundred celestial Names of Durga

But I am only Nine Syllabled One

Call me Durga, the Mother of vibration.

For I am Rik of the Vedas, Shabda in the Tantra,

Naada in the Brahma Sutra.

This is my humble devotion on the First Nava Ratra

*Dr. Chaman Lal Rain
I send my good wishes to the devotees of Shri Durga,who is Sharika as well as Shri Raginya.She is adored as Shri Tripura Sundari,which is the poetic form of Shri Panchastavi. We would like to listen to the Pamnchastavi,from the traditional tone,sung and recited at the Pokhribal and at Chaklreshvara.
Added By Vibhasa raina
This is indeed one of the most beautiful reads of recent times for me. You have captured the essence of Shri Nav Durga Chaman Lal ji. Thank you so much for this treasure.
Added By Arun Koul
Dear arun Kaul ji Thank you for your comments.You will be gl;ad to know that I have authored the translation,annotation of Facets of Shri Chandi Nava Durga,which was published by Sharada Publishing House,Delhi, in the year2003,according to the Kashmir Agamic point of view.This devotional poem is the reflection of that book,and of the Trika philosophy.Thank you for you words of appreciation.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Dr Raina ji you have touched souls of people by writing this article on Nav Durga. You are the live legend of our kashmiri community and hindu samaaj. Whenever I do the havan of Sharika Sahastranaam I feel Mata Sharika surrounded near havan khund. Whensoever I talk to you regarding vedas and upnishads I feel blessed. Your encouragement is a treasure for me.
Added By Ashwani Bajaj
After going through this poem one feels convinced that the Divine Mother has placed Her kind hand on your head,may The Divine Mother continue to have Her looks upon you with Her Kripa Drishti 2 although i am not well-versed with Sapt-Shati due to lack of Sansktit knowledge,grateful if you throw some light on the subject of Pralaya,thanks. B L Bhan
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>Received Amrit Dhara. Mata bless you and your wellwishers. R K Jotshi
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