Jodha Akbar sparks protests in India

Jodha Akbar sparks protests in India

*-Sunanda Zadoo Vashisht.

Much awaited Hrithik Roshan and Aishwariya Rai starrer,Jodha-Akbar, was released all over the world on the Valentine's Day weekend. The film was promoted as an untold love story of Mughal Emperor Akbar and Rajput Princess Jodha. Even before the film released there were several demonstrations regarding the historical authencity of the film. While some claimed that no such woman as Jodha existed, some others said that Jodha was actually Akbar' s daughter-in-law. Historians were also part of the controversy yet none of them could reach any consensus. The film finally released everywhere except in Jodha's homeland of Jaipur.

While the film garnered mixed reviews, most critics agreed that though Jodha Akbar is a fascinating spectacle, there is very little history in it. Demonstrations took place at several places in India against historical facts being allegedly distorted in the film. The film is mainly based on director's interpretation of whatever little was available in the history books and research material.

The film does have some fascinating cinematic moments, excellent music and beautiful sets, but has no historical basis to it. Very little is known about Jodha Bai and her marrriage of alliance with Akbar. It is significant that Akbar's court historian Abul Fazal has not mentioned Jodha in any of his works. Did Jodha exist, how and when she got married to Akbar and what was their relation like will perhaps never be known. However, we recommend that when you watch Jodha Akbar, enjoy the love story, and forget the History. There are libraries and research books meant for that.

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