S n o w f a l l


S n o w f a l l
*- Bilhan Kaul

Snow; Come to me faster
Hadn’t seen you in a long time, eighteen long years had passed
Now I feel your magic touch on my palm
While dancing flakes plop on the ground

Some of your flakes suspend in the breeze
Then dance away as I move to grab, like a tease
Don’t be sparse, also fill the air as you cover the earth
And let there be enough that won’t melt away too soon in the sun’s hearth

Make mounds and some tall steeps I hope
So the child in me slides the slopes
On roof tops, on edges, be here and there,
Not a burden on a tree, not a burden anywhere

Winter here is cold, You will endure
Several more months for sure
And then you will be gone, And I will miss you again
And wait for you, Hopeful that it will not be for 18 years or in vain

*Bilhan Kaul is a freelance writer and hasbeen a regular contributer in various magazines and newspapers.

The writer has written extensively on forced conversion and believes it to be the root cause of the conflict in Kashmir. A Central Government Employee presently lives in Janipur, Jammu (India).

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Snowfall Image by Neha Ganju
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