Matra Shakti



Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of her Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi. Her publication includes 'Mantrik Bhajan Dipika' in Kashmiri verse based on the Kashmiri Beej Mantras of the Shaktivad tradition. 'Bhagwan Gopinath evam Dharmik Chintan' in Hindi is under publication. She is a regular contributor to various Hindi and Kashmiri magazines and piublications.

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Kaneesha - women's clothing for special occasions

Maa Tum Kyaa Kyaa ho! Hamaari Janani, Kshmiri Mei MAI'J Bharat mei pratyek Naari ko Maatri Shakti Kahte Hai. Aapki Kavita Bahut Sundar Hai. Vitasta
Added By Vitasta Bulbul Raina
He Sampadak Mahodaya, TRI-DEVI CHITRA se Sajaaya Is Kavita Ko, Is ke Liye Aabhari Huu'n Mei.Kavita Ko Chitra Mayii Daivi Shakti se Ujagar Karnaa to Ek Mahan Sampadak kii Pakad Hoti Hai. Pryatek Lekh ko, Kavita Ko Video ko Aap Ati Sundar Banate Ho, Apni Digital Takniik Se.Yahii Kamputeri Kala kriti Kahalatii Hai. Shehjar Ke liye Meri Mangal Kaamnaayei, Sadaa Aur Sarvada. Jaya Sibu
Added By Jaya Sibu Raina
Well written poem , explaining the true meaning of the Divinity in the Motherhood. .
Added By Sandhya Kaul Raina
Very nice kavita on Mothers love. If you fall, mother will be there to hold you. She will console you, If you cry and will kiss away your tears. Keep on writing from your heart Jayaji.
Added By Deepak Ganju
Who does not know that a Mother’s heart is always full of love, beauty and compassion? And who could better describe the divine prowess of a Mother than the well-known gifted poetess of the caliber of Jaya Sibu Raina? Here she has given us a real feel of what Maatra Shakti means. She has reminded us of the great illustrious women since Vedic times-Sati, Savitri, Gargi, Maitreyi, Lopa Mudra, Shabari, Urmila, Sunayana, Aditi, Indrani, Lalleshwari etc. who have influenced and enriched our history.
Added By Gopinath Raina
The poem not only highlights the MatriShakti but narrates the ethos of womanhood in India with special refrence to KP women. This well researched poem is an inspiration to urbanised women of today...especially women of kashmir... Long live the poet.
Added By subhash razdan