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What can we seek from a world with nothing to give
Or ask from those who don’t know how to live
We watch as they spend in abundance and waste
And move about in such hurry and haste

We go through the day with our backs staying bent
Our world must slow, but to what extent,
What is now left from the sweet old days
The simplicity of their lives, the ease of their ways!

Why can’t we rest, let the world be at peace
After all we are just mortals with an un-extendable lease
It can’t be renewed, life can’t be regained
What for our toils? What are our gains?

We are trapped in a world where “we” don’t matter
The simplest of things don’t come on a platter
The things we can’t have, yet we seek to keep
So worried, even the darkness of the night refuses us sleep

What have we come to, why can’t we see
We are part of nature; the oceans and the trees
What do we want, do we even know?
Watching as the world warms for an endless summer without snow

Our peace of mind and rest all in danger
We need to know how we can face terror
The world that we live in, the world that we love
We can’t preserve its peace just by releasing a dove!

The pain, the suffering, the hurt, the anguish,
We can’t just grin and let things languish
As we may lose, we can’t just wait and watch
No, for life isn’t just a game, like hopscotch

What can we do? Who will it take?
How do we get rid of all the hate?
It can’t stay the same, that we sure know,
Leaves will grow back on trees and water will come from snow

*Iha Kaul is currently a sophmore at Andover High School in Andover,MA.
She is the daughter of Dr.Sharda Kaul and Prof.Sanjay Kaul.

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"We can’t preserve its peace just by releasing a dove!" .... Beautiful. Great words, well done Iha.
Added By M.K. Raina
Great job Iha. Am really proud of your profound insights! Keep asking the important questions, the answers will come eventually. Lots of love, Govind bhaiya
Added By Govind Wakhlu
I think that this poem is very well written and I think that the questions in the poem are very current.
Added By Arman koul
Dear Iha, Your poem is touching. It comes from a very deep and caring space within. May you always be in touch with this creative space called "LOVE". May it guide all your thoughts, words and actions. All power and Godspeed to your pen. Navun Te Folun; Mojud Roze! Love and Blessings Arun
Added By Arun Wakhlu
A deeply philosophical poem well written in touching diction.It touches various vital issues of life which you seem to have pondered over well.Think in abundance and write in abundance,my dear.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Iha - this is a wonderful poem with deep insights. You have a very creative mind. Keep it up. Ask tough questions, you will find the answers. - Rajive Dhar
Added By Rajive Dhar
Such Maturity at a tender age,a matter of great delight indeed. May Maa Sharada Bless the young mind. May you grow to earn laurels from all quarters. Bless you. Raj, Varanasi.
Added By Raj Nath Bhat
A thought-provoking poem raising existential issues. A wakeup call to humanity for a timely course-correction at the individual and collective level. There are genuine concerns, yet the ending is on a hopeful note and not not depressing. Plenty of maturity and wisdom in the stanzas from a girl who has grown beyond her years. God bless you, Iha.
Added By K L Chowdury