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"The Braves Arise "

by Shyan Koul
(Age: 7 years)

n far away India, there was a special lab. The new owner’s name was Karina Kapoor. She had blue glimmering eyes, long black hair, a bright smile and her perfume had the aroma of fresh roses sprouting from wet, soft soil. She only had two friends, Ashwariya Rai and Ritik Roshan. Karina went to Ashwariya’s house but remembered her lab needed work. So she ran back to her gray, dusty, moldy and hideous lab. That is where she made a best friend and her best invention. She made Dave.

Dave was a curious, lovable creature. He always asked, “Do you like me?” Dave was also generous, at least sometimes. He kept on thinking what he should do to make Karina impressed. So he took notes of what she liked and one day came to know what to do. So, without wasting any time, he rushed to the lab and mixed all of the things there into a medium sized, kind and awesome robot. Karina liked robots and when Dave gave her the robot she just had to say, “Did you make this Dave?” Karina named the robot John.

In a couple of days, Karina liked the robot so much that she forgot Dave completely. “Now that Karina likes John too much, I should be sitting by a tree alone,” Dave whispered to himself. As soon as he said that, he remembered the lab. This time, he put the ingredients together to make a new friend for himself and called it Shamugalaga. He did so only to make Karina jealous. But guess what? Karina was only avoiding Dave because she and John were making a birthday present for Dave. In the end, Karina, John, Dave and Shamugalaga, they all became very good friends forever

*Shyan Koul is a 7 years old, 2nd Grade student from Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A. His interests are story reading, music and travel.

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Haha. I really like this shayan. Clever idea and very nice execution.
Added By Hemang Kaul
I really envy the way you blend facts and fiction in your writings.Your description of Karina's beauty and charm is accurate.And your fiction of Karina,Dave,Ashwaria,Ritik,Jhon and Shamugalga too is eqyally interesting.I enjoyed this factual fiction Shyan dear.
Added By pushkar ganjoo