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Aman Satya Kachroo

His Life and Memory

Siddarth Tickoo

Freedom from life came too early for Aman Satya Kachroo. He took his first breath on 8th February 1990 and his last on March 8th, 2009. Aman’s early years were spent in the beautiful oasis of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania where his father worked as a Professor of Engineering at the University. Aman was a happy child, and with his exuberant smile and big inviting eyes brought happiness to those around him – his friends, his mother, his father, his sister, and most of all his late grandmother.

At the beginning of his adolescent years, Aman and his family journeyed to a new life in India. What would seem like a difficult change from Tanzania to India was seamlessly handled by Aman. He adapted easily. His attitude, world view, character and nature were such that he always drew inspiration and positivity from his surroundings. As time passed in India he grew physically and intellectually. With his height of 6’2”, he towered over his peers. He was handsome, yet bereft of vanity. Intellectually he blossomed, channelling his passion towards poetry and creative writing. Aman studied initially at the Ryan International School, and then attended high school at the Delhi Public School International. He was an A student.

Aman was witty and charming, and had a knack of connecting to those around him. After his death, people whom Aman had touched paid homage to him. Some of these were close friends:

“He lived for simple things,
But it wasn’t like, he lacked a big dream.
We would debate over the silliest of things,
His points would be better, but he would let me win!
Sometimes, I don’t even believe,
That I lost the only person I had,
Who would listen, regardless of what I speak.”
- Kushagree

As part of the school community service programme, Aman became the Secretary General of the School and led the programme to build a football field for children studying at a Government School, Mukteshwar, in the state of Uttrakand. Aman was also keen sportsman and loved to play football and lawn tennis. He represented his school in football as the Captain of the school football team. After medical school, Aman’s big dream was to start a hospital in Tanzania with his sister and provide free medical care to the poor.

In her last few months, Aman selflessly devoted himself to his grandmother, Tati. Travelling to Srinagar, Kashmir in the summer of 2008 Aman aided his grandmother as she endured her last painful weeks. He helped change her, took her to the bathroom, and without reservation took bodily samples to the hospital for tests. If there was a reason why Tati had lived so long, it was because of Aman’s love.

Aman – we are left with your love and remembrance. You have let us experience love in ways we never have before, and never will again. We are heartbroken but you are now free from the bondages of earthly life. Your spirit and memory live with us eternally.

(Aman Satya Kachroo was the beloved son of Dr. Rajender and Priya Kachroo, and brother of Sinead. Aman died one month after his 19th birthday due to unprovoked violence from seniors at his medical college. He was 19 years and 30 days.)
It was the 8th of February 2009 and Amann Satya Kachroo was home in Gurgaon, with his family and friends celebrating his 19th birthday. Little did he or anyone know that exactly a month later on the fateful day of 8th March he would lay dead at his college hostel with no one to even care or show respect to the mortal remains lying unattended in a corner of a deserted room. He had in fact reached out to his father Rajendra Kachroo, at that time in Tanzania on an assignment, just a few minutes before his collapse assuring him that he would take care of everything himself though badly beaten and bruised and that the father need not worry. But the spirit gave out and his body failed him to stand the rigors of ragging to which he was mercilessly subjected to with blows raining on his frail frame from four assailants, his seniors at the college. They played the sport with uncanny accuracy and claimed a life that was bubbling with aspirations and dreams to be a savior of ailing souls and become a Doctor. In fact the perpetrators of the crime aspiring to be medicos themselves turned out to be murderers. The College administration did not heed the student complaints about the continued ragging and let the obvious happen.

Looking back at the events it is apparent that Amann had not really understood or assimilated the nature and culture of people in a place that he was not familiar with, having lived most of his growing up years in Ireland. He did not wish to burden his parents with the news of his daily encounters and thought the worst will be over one day. But unfortunately for him the seniors took it upon themselves to treat the new comers through a process of defilement over a long period of sustained torture resulting in this tragedy.

Now that the family has accepted the loss of their only son with a heavy heart and great regret, they do not wish to keep quite over the issue of ragging in educational institutions all across the country that leaves unhealed scars for almost everyone. Despite the Supreme Court directives to the contrary the ragging continues to be a set back to the student community as laws laid down are violated and people responsible for that go scot free. His cousins, lead by Sidharth, have now started a movement called the “Amann Movement” to secure laws for a total ban on ragging all across the country and let us endeavor to join the movement and help achieve a cause in memory of Amann for the benefit of our young children. We need to ensure that the criminals are punished. They just killed a 19-year-old boy who had a full life ahead of him to live and enjoy.

Let us all pray for the untimely departure of a kind soul, a budding blossom that never bloomed, a loving son to his parents Priya and Rajendra Kachroo, a loving brother to his sister Sinead, a great friend to his buddies and a loving nephew to me.

BL Dhar

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This is very, very tragic. Unjust and brutal. I could not stop from crying and applaud the family's ability to accept what happened and share their son with others, who can love him now as if he was our own.
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Couldn't hold back the tears..hope he's happy wherever he is. rip
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