the name
is enough
for me
in exile.

          • The mountains
            playing fields
            lanes and
            by lanes
            my hope
            in exile.
Thrashed houses
spring banks
small culverts
my companion
in exile.
          • Village fairs
            call for Kulwan*
            beating of drums
            cleaning of temple spring
            sweet memories
            in exile.

Snow fall
dark nights of winter
evening at Mushteng*
watching the paddy
noise of Daavok*
breaks my rest
in exile

          • Chirping of birds
            village show of dhamalfaqir*
            following the tschinch*
            grazing of cows
            chorus of people
            while sowing paddy
            tempts me
            in exile.

Village school building
temple and mosque
fresh water springs
Boni Bagh*
Devispath* and Goorinaar*
reminds me
of my childhood
in exile.

Kulwan: Cleaning of Streams for free flow of water to the paddy fields.
Mushteng: Village graveyard
Daavok: Scarcity of water during the paddy season.
Dhamalfaqir: A group of men performing village shows.
Tschinch: A group of men visiting village-to-village killing cats for fur.
Boni Bagh: Village market.
Devispath & Goorinar: Name of paddy fields.
*Chander M. Bhat Born on 20th March, 1960 in Murran a village in North Kashmir, Chander M. Bhat is presently working as an Assistant Supdt. Posts, in Department of Posts, Govt. of India. His articles regarding Posts and of non-political nature stand widely published in various papers and magazines of the country. A booklet “How to Collect Stamps” published by the Deptt. of Posts, has earned him genuine accolades. He worked on the project of tracing the roots of his co-villagers and of the village Murran, resulting into the culmination of a widely acclaimed book “Murran …My Village”. Man with depth, Chander M. Bhat has also another book, “Ocean by Drops” (collection of poems) in his vase having colourful poems. His book “Ancient History of Jammu and Kashmir”, confirms his researching capability. Various research papers like “The Splendor that is Amarnath” and “Vitasta…The Sacred River of Kashmir” are valuable additions to his works that has proved very fruitful and guiding force in the exile period of Kashmiri Pandits community of which the author is also a member.

Presently the author is working on “OOL…THE NEST” a six volume project [each volume about 2500 pages] on all the 595 Kashmiri Pandit villages of Kashmir.

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The poem is heart touching one and I think Kashmir is a teardrop on the cheek of the author.
Added By Bansi Lal Raina
Beautiful blank verse with deep pathos about the Paradise Lost by Kashmiri Pandits.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Very nice! Each word bleeds with deep nostalgia. It's the voice of every KP. God bless you!
Added By JL Bhat
A heart touching poem. The poem reminds me the days in the Paradise of Kashmir.
Added By Ajit Koul
A beautiful poem by a beautiful person.
Added By Rahul Bhat