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Summary: Conclusion was written by the author in May 1999, soon after her 10th standard board exams, in Nepal, where she had gone to visit her cousins.They were on an outing to some faroff place where they got stuck in a traffic jam for 4 hours..So as she strolled about she saw a breathtaking sight of the scenery around the place.The entire roll of her camera was not enough to capture the essence of the surroundings. As she was relishing the beauty of God's creation around her, she found out the reason for Traffic Jam. It was a fight between the native tribes that caused a person to lose his arm and the driver of the bus who intervened in between and was killed ruthlessly in return.Shaken by this greatest irony in a place which she believed was the place next to Heaven she wrote the following verses down.This applies to our beautiful valley of kashmir too.

The fields seem to look green, Clouds wear the color of solace

But it is not the peace for which,

I yearn night and day,

And my heart bears restlessness at this pace.

The valleys,with the deepest insight of the happenings

Are and remain mute

Unable to stop me and the steep slopes of my heart,

To go down further into deeper recession.

The overwhelming silence calms the storm,

That breaks the barriers of emotions,

Shutting all those doors of life

As if throttling me to death.

After a thorough retrospection

I find out the answer as I bend my knees,

There is something really greater than Me

Maybe the mountains,the river,the valleys and the supposed green???

*Mrs. Jenal Dhar Raina, 24, works as a Software Engineer and is currently based in Dubai. She's been brought up in Baroda and holds a degree in Computer Engineering, from M.S University, Baroda. She's been writing poems since the age of 4.

She's won The Times Of India, Public Speaking Awards and also holds a Diploma in German. She enjoys spending time with her Family, Traveling & Visiting New Places and holds special interest in Linguistics and Reading.
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A beautiful and ingenious way of expressing thoughts. I was compelled to compare the verses with the present scenario to our motherland.Written at such a young age,the depth in thoughts is commendable and this is a marvelous piece of work. She does have a way with words. And if as her introduction says that she's been writing since the age of 4, she must have a nice huge collection. Jenal, we all are eager to read more of your beautiful poems. Keep up the good work. Orzuv, T.N.Saraf
Added By Trilokinath Saraf
Beautiful Poem. Congrets
Added By Chander M. Bhat