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SKGS Ashram Organizes Gurukul Yagyopaveet
April 27, 2009
s a pious part of Birthday Celebrations of Swami Kumarji, a religious Gurukul Yagyopaveet of 10 boys to impart the 10th Sansakara of Dharamshashtras was organized by Swami Kumarji Geeta Satsang Ashram, Muthi Phase-II on April 26 and 27, 2009 with devotion and gaiety. Swami Kumar ji threw light on the importance of the Yagyopavit, particularly Gurukul Yagyopavit.

Shri Vijay Bakaya, MLC, was the Chief Guest, while A.N. Vaishnavi, the guest of honour. Prominent personalities who participated besides large number of devotees include Justice B.L. Bhat (retd) and B.L. Hali.


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