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SaMaPa Awards 2009
L Subramaniam and Veer Bhadra Mishra get SaMaPa Vitasta Award
Raj Begum gets SaMaPa Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah Award
New Delhi (India) October 22, 2009

Dr. L Subramaniam - Violin

Raj Begum - Kashmiri folk and light music

Prof. Veer Bhadra Mishra - lifetime contribution and service to Indian music

SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music And Performing Arts) has announced the names of the recipients of this year’s SaMaPa awards. The prestigious ‘SaMaPa Vitasta Award’ is being conferred upon the eminent Violin maestro Dr. L Subramaniam and ‘Mahant’ (Prof.) Veer Bhadra Mishra. The prestigious ‘SaMaPa Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah Award 2009’ is being conferred upon the veteran Kashmir folk singer Smt. Raj Begum.

While Dr. L Subramaniam is being for his lifetime contribution in the field of Indian Classical Instrumental Music - Violin (Bangalore) and ‘Mahant’ (Prof.) Veer Bhadra Mishra (Varanasi) is being honoured for his lifetime contribution and service to Indian music and culture with the prestigious ‘SaMaPa Vitasta Award’, Smt. Raj Begum is being awarded ‘SaMaPa Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah Award’ for her lifetime dedication and contribution in the field of Kashmiri folk and light music - vocal (Kashmir).

This year SaMaPa is also introducing a special award named ‘SaMaPa Acharya Abhinavgupt Samman’ which will be given to music critics, scholars and journalists in appreciation of their extraordinary work in the field of art, culture and languages. This year the award will be conferred upon 3 eminent music critics from Delhi - Sh. Ravinder Mishra, Pandit Vijay Shankar Mishra and Smt. Manjari Sinha.

‘Vitasta’, the ancient name of River Jehlum symbolizes the cultural ethos of J&K State and ‘SaMaPa Vitasta Award’ has been instituted to honour the musical luminaries of India who contribute significantly in preserving and propagating the cultural heritage of our country. The honour carries cash award of Rs. 50,000 each and is the first ever National level honour pertaining to Kashmir given specially to the musical luminaries, every year, for their unparallel contribution.

The ‘SaMaPa Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah Award’ has been named after the great lover and patron of Art and Culture, a legend acclaimed by the world for his dynamic personality - Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. The award is conferred upon personalities with enormous contribution having done path breaking works in the folk culture in the filed of music, theatre, films and other performing arts, and carries a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

The award announcement was made by the internationally acclaimed Santoor maestro and composer Abhay Rustum Sopori in New Delhi declaring that the name was selected by Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Chairman SaMaPa, and the award selection committee headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Hon’ble Minister for New and Renewable Energy and Padmashri Smt. Shameem Azad. The award will be presented on the occasion of ‘SaMaPa Sangeet Sammelan 2009’ in Delhi at Kamani Auditorium on the 14th of November. The two day prestigious festival on 14th and 15th November 2009 will feature more than 50 performers which include legends like Pt. Bhajan Sopori, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pt. Kumar Bose, and others. The festival will also feature a Painting Exhibition by the J&K artists.

SaMaPa is not merely an academy but a cultural movement. SaMaPa, under the aegis of its Chairman Pt. Bhajan Sopori, Legendary Santoor Maestro and Music Composer, has become one of the most prestigious organizations of the country and has raised the level of music and culture in Jammu & Kashmir bringing it in the world music scenario. Pandit Bhajan Sopori and SaMaPa, both, are hailed as a cultural bridge between the State of J&K and rest of the country representing the heartbeat of J&K people and its culture
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