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KP youth believe package will come as new year’s gift
Jammu (India) October 26, 2009
Report & Images by Raman Raina

Expressing the hope that employment package will come as a new year’s gift to displaced youth from the public friendly State and Central Governments, the newly constituted KP Youth Forum today showed its total readiness to work in Kashmir Valley after being provided a Government job.

"We are ready to work at any corner of Kashmir Valley after the State Government provides a job to us" Forum president, A K Koul told reporters here today.

He said the entire displaced Pandit community in general and KP youth in particular have pinned high hopes on the Government and it is hopeful that Government will fulfil its commitment by implementing the Prime Minister’s employment package in letter and spirit.

He said the KP youth who are facing a bleak future are presently in distress and desperation. But the announcement made by the Prime Minister has generated a new hope in them and the entire community has welcomed it, he added.

Mr Koul, while complimenting the Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister, Raman Bhalla, for showing a keen interest in implementation of the package, said the Forum is sure that due to dynamic approach, vision and dedication shown by the Revenue Minister there will be no further delay in the implementation of the package.

He however appealed Mr Bhalla to personally monitor the follow up action and instruct the Relief Agency to provide a weekly update to displaced youth through, print and electronic media, circulars etc regarding the implementation process.

Mr Koul also maintained that his organisation will work in close coordination with all KP organisations fighting for the community cause and continue its struggle for the rights of the displaced Pandits in general and youth in particular.

The Forum general secretary, M K Dhar and spokesman Shakti Kumar were also present in the press conference.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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