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"The Braves Arise"

Priyanka Shakher Pandita
(11th Grade)
"What is God?" is a frequent question that has the human mind has asked from the beginning of human species. We have learned the idea of God from the stories told by our parents or by reading the scriptures of our faith. But as we grow up, our idea of God vary from people to people. Some people believe God is Supreme All Powerful One, while some question his existence.

I believe that God is not just the Supreme All- Powerful One, but a personal one whom I can worship out of love. I believe that God doesn’t have any specific form or name. However, God can manifest in the forms and these forms provide a basis for the Hindu worship. There is only one God which can exist in both form and formless state.

God is Supreme and it can neither be good nor bad. The concept of good and bad things is at a lower level of thinking like we can’t say air, sun, moon, water, fire, or etc are good or bad. They are all manifestation of God, but in the form state. I believe that God makes people feel good or bad based on their actions.

God is omnipresent and does not reside only in “Heaven”. God is in front of us and also within us. God is in matter as well in liquid. God is energy. We don’t have to wait our whole life to meet God. We can realize him right here in this world. God is not just Almighty, but also a sweet lovely One. As in other religions, God has been put in the form of a He. I believe that God is not a He, God is beyond the gender. For this reason, Hindu scripture’s refer God very often using the term “it.”

In conclusion, I believe God is Supreme All-Powerful and personal. God can manifest in the form as well as formless states. God is not good or bad. Nor the concept of God is right or wrong. God is omnipresent and resides within and without us, which has been rightly spoken in our Hindu scriptures. God is One.
"Ekam sat vipraha, bahudha vadanti"
“Truth is one; the wise call it by various names"

Nina Shakher Pandita
(9th Grade)
God is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe. For thousands of years people have came up with their own opinion of God and have asked the question “What is god?” No one seems to have the same answer. Some believed that there is only one God and some others also believe there is no God such as Atheist.

In my opinion, God has no attributes. To me when someone's says god I don’t get an image in my head. God is powerful and manifest into many forms; he is everywhere at anytime. As in Hindu Scripture, God is the Ultimate One “Brahman”. I believe that God is one and supreme. God is always kind to us. God governs every aspect of our life. It gives us a life however it is us who goes against gods will and do wrong deeds.

God is nature and nature is God. It preserves the balance between life and death that is why we are living. Also, God keeps the balance between the planets and the stars otherwise without this divine balance their would be no universe. Existence of life is the divine will of God. Any change in our body can cause life and death.

I do not believe God has any form, for example, Hanuman Ji symbolizes power, loyalty, and dedication which is one of the many manifestation of God. However, some people feel easier to pray this powerful being in the form of an idol. Worshiping an idol is the easier way to pray to god but I believe understanding and realizing God gives us a better perspective of this divine power. People have called this divine power by many different names but in the end there is only one god and it is supreme.
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