*Chander M. Bhat

I was very ease at home
Without any disturbance
I was thrown out of my home
Without my interference.

Not talk of men even God
Pertant to teach me a lesson
Of no faults of mine
I did bear those sufferings.

Thus came a day
I asked the God my faults
HE in turn lowered his eyes
By saying, I did make your life.

Thus came the right answer
I was stunt
God indicated, all was for you
That the situation was made
For you to move.

I moved with heavy heart
Leaving all my past memories
Thinking for my ways to survive
Reached a barren land,
Thorns all around.

Scorching sun burnt my skin
Passed the days in a long queue
To get myself registered
For maintaining my existence
Loud came a voice
Your identity is lost.

Could not bear this
Reached my abode
A one room set
In a new land
Nights became restless.

Who is here to hear me?
Passed the hard days
With only an idea
To re-establish my band
Roamed here and there
To discover meadows
And pastures new.

Found myself in a wirlpool
That took me to a deep trench
Still thinking of my past
Waxes and wanes just like a moon.
*Born on 20th March, 1960 in Murran a village in North Kashmir, Chander M. Bhat is presently working as an Assistant Supdt. Posts, in Department of Posts, Govt. of India. His articles regarding Posts and of non-political nature stand widely published in various papers and magazines of the country. A booklet 'How to Collect Stamps" published by the Department of Posts, has earned him genuine accolades. He worked on the project of tracing the roots of his co-villagers and of the village Murran, resulting into the culmination of a widely acclaimed book "Murran -My Village". Man with depth, Chander M. Bhat has also another book, "Ocean by Drops" (collection of poems) in his vase having colorful poems. His book "Ancient History of Jammu and Kashmir", confirms his researching capability. Various research papers like "The Splendor that is Amarnath" and "Vitasta" The Sacred River of Kashmir" are valuable additions to his works that has proved very fruitful and guiding force in the exile period of Kashmiri Pandits community of which the author is also a member.

Presently the author is working on "OOL - THE NEST" a six volume project on all the 595 (each volume of about 2500 pages)Kashmiri Pandit villages of Kashmir.

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