Shehjar Homes for Senior Citizens


Shehjaar Homes for Senior Citizens has been launched as a Not-For- Profit Company at Pune in India . As a first step, it launched a Shehjaar Day Centre at Wanowrie Pune on 25th October ,09 to mitigate the solitariness of elderly during day time. The organisers effort is to make this Day Centre a model one so that these are replicated across the Country under the banner of Shehjaar Homes.

Shehjaar Homes for Senior Citizens has been envisaged to rebuild the faith in human attitude to an extent where ageing happens to be merriment. ”Shehjaar Homes” is an initiative towards quality ageing, which will extend services to both urban and rural elderly through innovative ways.

‘Shehjaar Homes’ will promote Day Centres For Elderly anywhere in the Country to provide an immediate support system to Elderly Community at large and to help break off the solitariness. Day Centres will act as the nodular points in extending Care to Elderly.

Building Old Age Homes for the needy will be considered after proper evaluation these centers will then be replicated through out the country & will work more for retaining the traditional Indian family bond in the Society.

Why Shehjaar Homes?
Shehjaar Homes recognizes that caring for aged is part of the Indian tradition and is acquainted with the fact that:
  • Ageing is an inevitable process in life.
  • Ageing in India is one of the most important and neglected emerging problem of the era.
  • The number of senior citizens in India is 90 million. In 2026 this no. is projected to reach 173 million.

Main factors that influence life of elderly in India:

  • Changing family structure has influenced life of elderly (Nuclear families in place of joint families and engagement of women in jobs)
  • Burden of physical distress
  • Economic dependence: Failure of traditional support system
  • With almost no existing social support
  • Social-cultural issues
  • Absence of appropriate alternative care system

The globalization has made care of our elderly a challenge for Society and Government as well. Shehjaar Homes intends to facilitate elderly care under phases:-

In Phase I of the programme, well-equipped model day care centres in leased accommodation will come up in Pune. These centres will:

  • Be equipped with facilities to keep elderly happily engaged through the day.
  • Obviate loneliness, boredom and depression to elderly.
  • Strengthen the inter-generational relationships.
  • Give Training to the care givers attending elderly with age related diseases.
  • Act as a nodular centre for extending any emergency help for elderly in need.

Shehjaar Homes Day Centres will be operated on cost basis to users to ensure the quality and sustainability. Costs will be subsidized by providing interest support from Donation deposits and Govt. grants wherever possible.

Reservation for economically less privileged will be maintained.

Shehjaar Homes will be seeking help from expert institutions like, Help Age India, International Longevity Centre, Silver Innings Foundation, Geriatric Society of India, International Federation of Ageing and All India Senior Citizens Confederation to ensure health, well-being, welfare and dignity of senior citizens.

In Phase II the company will consider building/maintaining the resorts for the elderly in need. This is a capital intensive process.

Lately social scientists in the field do not encourage separation of elderly from their families. Shehjaar Homes will watch the progress and success of the recent Government Initiative in this regard.

Vision -- Shehjaar Homes

  1. Setting up Day Centers equipped with facilities to keep our elderly happily engaged throughout the day time.
  2. Implementing innovative ways of providing physical and emotional support to our elderly.
  3. Working to strengthen the inter- generational relationships and the family bond.
  4. Organizing training to the" Care Givers "attending elderly with age related morbidities.
  5. Making Shehjaar Homes as nodular centres in the respective areas for extending any emergency help to elderly in need.

Shehjaar Homes will consider, in future, building /maintaining the resorts for elderly in need.

Registered office:
301, Accasia, Nyati Estate,
Mohammadwadi, Pune-411060 (India)
Ph: 91-20-26804631, 91-9096038413
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